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Day 7 – For Frigga

Holy One, Great One of Heaven,
let all right-thinking people
bow their heads before You.
Your Presence purifies.
It restores divine order.
It radiates glory
and fills the soul with joy.
You, Graced and Gracious,
are the ever-renewing Source
of the holy power that
sustains the scaffolding
of the cosmos.
You, Sweet and Glorious Goddess,
Restore rightness to the world.
Weaver of Clouds, lift us up.
Teach us, gently, to turn our minds
to holy things, to indulge the longing
of our hearts for devotion,
and to live our lives
reaching ever toward You.
Holy Mother, Giver of good things,
Bestow Your blessings upon us,
That we may truly see the rightness
of reverence.
Hail to You, Frigga.
Hail to You, Holy One.

(by G. Krasskova)