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Working on a novena book for the Vanir

My current project, which I’m hoping to have finished by Nov. 1, is a novena book for the Vanir. I’ve decided to post chapters as they’re finished, for my patrons over at my Patreon account. So if you are curious to see the work in progress, to see the book as it’s being written, head on over to this site, and consider becoming a sponsor. 🙂 

EDIT: the first installment has just been posted.


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A Prayer to Odin

These two prayers were recently commissioned by my Patreon supporters: 

To Odin, for Dreams
(written for T.)
By Galina Krasskova

Ravenous for knowledge,
hungry for wisdom,
You drove Yourself
through the worlds,
upon the Tree,
to the gates of Hel
and back.
You sought out seers,
mighty women
prophets seething
with fateful fire
caught by mind,
held on the tongue
spat forth at Your command.
You unraveled and deciphered
the dreams of Your omen-marked Son
bound spirits, and raged through worlds
to undo His terrible fate.
You Who know the magic
of the Vanir, for Whom dreams
are as open books,
worlds waiting for reason’s plunder,
I ask now this boon,
knowing it will come with a price,
a price that I shall pay:
Send me dreams, Raven Father,
clear omens to guide my way.
Make my dreams my grimoire,
that I too may grow in wisdom.
This I pray as i pour out this offering.
Hail to You, Odin.

(make an offering of beer or whiskey, etc.)


To Hera
(for A.)
by Galina Krasskova

To the Queen of Olympus
let homage ever be paid.
To She Who renders right judgment,
let offerings be laid out.
To the Goddess Who brings glory,
may libations be poured.
Hail to Hera,
Who grants no quarter,
and yet, is merciful.

She is the Maker of heroes,
glorious and fierce.
She hones them,
tempers them,
renders them worthy of the blood
from which they are sprung.
Herakles, Achilles, even Dionysos:
She brought Them into Their power.
She taught Them what it meant,
to bear the blood of Gods.

Hera, ever mighty, orders the world,
watches over its mysteries.
She is Beloved of the Thunderer.
She is Queen of all the heavens.

To Argive Hera, I blow my head.
You teach us that power must earned.
You, Great One, at Whose hands all
is brought into order,
may my words and prayers
be pleasing to You.

Hail to You, Glorious Hera.

(if you are in a place where you can do so, light some incense for Her).


(I’m generally always willing to write prayers on commission: $15/prayer. These were done for free as a gift to my Patreon supporters with the caveat that I would share them here.

There are some other caveats to my commission work: a) there are certain Deities with Whom I have no relationship and if i’m not able to catch a sense of Them, I won’t be able to write a good prayer and also, b) there are Deities that I am tabooed from approaching. But so long as you’re willing for me to say ‘sorry, can’t do that one,’ if you’d like a prayer written, shoot me an email at krasskova at

I’ve updated my Patreon Account

I put up  a new article tonight on my patreon account patron-only blog. This one is rather personal, and I talk a little bit about what it’s like having a learning disability, in my case, dyscalculia.

For those of you who enjoy my work and who would like to read more, consider becoming one of my patrons. Every dollar helps support the work and projects that I do.

(It would make a lovely Yule tide gift: donate to my blog in the name of your favorite Heathen or atheist-humanist blogger. *G*)

Reaching Out

There are 1,403 people subscribed to receive e-mail notifications for this blog. I have a huge number of followers on Twitter and a thousand or so friends on Facebook and wouldn’t even begin to know how to calculate the rest of the folks who keep up through other avenues.

Love or hate me, you at least find my work interesting enough to engage with it on that level – why not go a step further and contribute a dollar each month to keep it going. If even half of you pledged that much to my Patreon account think about what we, as a community, could accomplish for our Gods and Spirits. Because every cent I raise is going to get funneled right back into devotional or community-building projects such as my book on pilgrimage (i’m thinking about doing a class too), my calendar, my prayer card project, my two conferences that I put together last year and more.

I want to be doing more – not just to benefit our Holy Powers, though that is my primary concern, but also to support and patronize the various polytheist and pagan artists who make these projects possible and right now the money for all of that is coming out of pocket, which means that it’s not sustainable.

But if you were able to pledge a dollar to my Patreon account, or five or even twenty a month it could be.

Together we can make a difference.

Thank you for listening to this plea. Maybe it’s just my generation and upbringing but I find it really difficult to ask for help. This work is too important for pride however.

(and thank you to those who have already decided to offer their support! )

EDIT: wow. i was so tired this morning when I posted this, that I left my links and numbers out. Sorry folks! It’s been a hell of a week already and it’s only Monday!