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Close up of my Hermes shrine

My friend Carlton was visiting recently (we go to school together) and, not being a polytheist, he was fascinated by my various shrines. Since he’s teaching a theology class this semester, he asked if he could take photos to use in his class (and i’m ok with that). This is the photo he took of my Hermes shrine. I love the angle of the close up, and the drama of the black and white,  so I got his ok to share it here. 

Hermes shrine aug. 31 Carlton

(Photo by C. Chase. Used with permission).

Shrine pictures

After running about making various offerings to Hermes, I spent the rest of the morning redoing my Hermes shrine, and my Loki and Sigyn shrine. 


Hermes’ place. ^


Loki and Sigyn’s place.^

The icon above is by Grace Palmer, and belonged to my mom Fuensanta. 

For my Ancestors

Check out my new tattoo. This is a piece to honor my collective dead. It’s an image of death resting and whimsically blowing bubbles. the bubbles symbolize the fragility of human life. The whole thing is taken from a bit of 17th century molding from a hospital in Bamberg Germany.

death on my leg

At Brno Ossuary – a moment’s prayer to the dead

Having a moment of deep contemplation at Brno ossuary….(photograph by Mary Ann Glass of me. I didn’t realize she’d taken it till much later).

skulls brno