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My latest column is up

My newest column at is now available here.  In this installment, I talk about the need, as part of our restoration, for resacralizing the world.

My Newest column is up

My newest column is live today at Wyrd Ways: Building a Better Heathenry. This month’s column is titled “Awe, Reverence, and Restoration.” You can read it here.

A note on lore:

I’m always puzzled by the dogged insistence on looking at lore, especially the Eddas as religious documents. They are not, not even the Poetic Edda. They may contain information that can inspire and benefit us as religionists, but they were not written down with any sense of the sacred in mind (nor were they inspired texts). Snorri wrote the Poetic Edda as a guide to poets, so that they would be able to interpret and understand the Heathen kennings and stories. He didn’t write it to preserve Heathenry and in fact, as a text it bears quite a bit of Christian influence. Snorri himself was Christian, let’s not forget that. I think we err and greatly by attempting, however unconsciously, to position Heathenry as a ‘religion of the book.” It isn’t. It never was and the more we try to make it so, the more we continue to obscure the legacy of our ancestors, which makes it that much more difficult to see the world as they did. If we want a clean restoration, reclaiming that worldview is essential. It’s not going to be found in a book. While it’s good to educate ourselves, and while the literary can be a useful framework , in the end, it’s only through direct, lived engagement with the Powers that a tradition is sustainably reborn.