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The Next Prayer Card from the Mothers Series is Done

Grace Palmer just finished the next card in the Mothers Prayer Card series: Leda, with Zeus in Swan form. 


So far, about half the cards are finished: Semele, Maia, Leto, Metis, Thetis, and now Leda. We still have Penelopeia, Danae, Alcmene, and Pasiphae (i think I listed Them all) to go. 

New Prayer Cards

As of next week (I’m waiting for a couple to come back from the printer), there will be prayer cards available not just for the Goddess Ran and God Aegir, but also for Their Nine Daughters. While seldom venerated in mainstream Heathenry and never to my knowledge in Asatru, They do have a significant cultus within the Northern Tradition Paganism and there are some Heathens, like me, Who venerate Them on occasion (my mother helped restore Their cultus…i better! lol). 

The cards for Ran and Aegir were done by Lynn Perkins





The cards for the Nine Daughters were graciously donated by D. Loptson



















Obviously, They are often pictured in modern iconography as mermaids. I’ve written about Ran, Aegir, and Their Daughters (as well as Njord and Mardoll) here.  The cards will be available at my etsy shop next week. Ran and Aegir are already available. 

Mothers Card Project Update

I want to give folks an update on how the Mother’s Prayer Card project is going. (I could just title this: Grace Palmer is awesome. She’s been whipping these cards out and they’re gorgeous). 

So far, we have cards completed for 


Leto, Mother of Apollo and Artemis


Semele, Mother of Dionysos


Maia, Mother of Hermes (I think this one is my favorite 🙂  There’s just something about little. baby. Hermes).


Metis, Mother of Athena


Thetis, Mother of Achilles

The next card currently in progress is Leda, Mother of Helen and the Dioskouroi. If anyone would like to donate to this card, please contact me at krasskova at (usual perks apply). 

Once the cards are all finished, I’ll offer them A) as a complete set; B) as a complete set with a signed copy of the novena book; and C) individually. 

Cards still to be done include Alcmene, Danae, Penelopeia, and Pasiphae. 

New Prayer Cards

The following prayer cards will shortly be available: 

Metis by Grace Palmer (part of the Mother’s Prayer Card Series)


Ninlil by Basil Blake


Ninshubur by Basil Blake


Upcoming Prayer Cards

These will be available after the holidays. They are all by the wonderful Wayne McMillan. 







Big Fundraiser for Special Series of Prayer Cards

Ok, folks, I’m reaching out for help for this project. I wrote the novena book “Honoring the Mothers’ (which will be available soon), because I kept feeling pushed by Hermes and Dionysos to do something for Their Mothers. Then I realized that while many of these women had cultus in the ancient world, we don’t seem to give them much attention today so I decided to expand that and divined on whom to include and the result was the aforesaid book.

I would like to commission prayer cards for each of these divine Mothers: Semele, Maia, Leto, Thetis, Metis, Alcmene, Leda, Danae, Pasiphae, Penelopeia. Grace Palmer has already done a lovely card for Maia, and I’m hoping that she will be able to do the others as well.

This means I need to raise – y’all sitting down ? — $3600, if I did the math right and minus what I’ve paid for Maia’s card and Leto’s. (the cards are $400/each just to commission the art alone and then $50/printing each set).

I think having devotional images is important. So many sacred images were destroyed when our traditions were sundered. I think it’s very, very important to bring new images of our Gods into being. That’s a huge part of why I started this project. I think it’s a necessary step toward rebuilding specific cultus and there’s something very special about having a devotional image of a Deity that one loves.

So I’m asking for help raising the funds to make these images happen. Those who donate will receive recognition as sponsors on the back of the card and the following:

For donations of:

$25 ten prayer cards of your choice.

$50 novena book of your choice (of those published) and three prayer cards

$75 three prayer cards, a gift certificate for one divination session.

$100 signed copies of my book “On Divination” and Sannion’s book “Hunting Wisdom” – a divination power pack. 🙂 plus three prayer cards.

$100+ a copy of the ‘Honoring the Mothers” novena book, a complete set of the Mothers cards (when they are available), and one other novena book of your choice.

Please contact me at Krasskova at if you wish to donate or paypal to but then email me at the gmail account anyway, so I know who you are and can arrange mailing of your loot. Please let’s make this happen.


Edit: one of my readers reminded me that we have a Leto card also by Grace Palmer. I had forgotten. So that means there are only eight cards to find. I’ve adjusted the cost accordingly. 

New Prayer Card: Maia Mother of Hermes

Here is the newest prayer card. It’s at the printer now so should be available next week. It’s Hermes’ Mother Maia. The artwork is by Grace Palmer. 


Eirene Prayer Card by Grace Palmer

Here is the latest prayer card, Eirene by Grace Palmer. It should be available for purchase in a week or so. If anyone is interesting in helping to sponsor this card, please contact me at krasskova at (all the usual perks apply), and if anyone has a prayer that you’d be willing to donate, likewise please contact me. I don’t have a devotional relationship with this Goddess so while I can (and will if necessary) write one, I’d first like to defer to someone who actually venerate Her. 


New Prayer Card: Aegir by L. Perkins

This will be available very soon. 🙂 


New Prayer Card: the Cailleach

Check out the newest prayer card by Basil Blake. This prayer card should be available soon. If anyone honors the Cailleach and would like to contribute a prayer for the back of the card please contact me at krasskova at If i don’t hear from anyone by Monday, I’ll come up with my own. 🙂