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Stuff and Things for the Weekend

Just your weekly reminder that I offer a Setting of Lights each week. Orders must be received by 9pm EST on Saturday because I prep and light the candles right after midnight that evening. Email me at Krasskova at if you’d like to order a candle. All info, including prices and the type of candles I offer may be found here. I’ve added memorial and blessing/well-being candles for pets (I found some cat shaped candles and decided to do a blessing candle for my own cat and decided to add it to the list).

I also have an ongoing prayer list (free!) and when I pray, I pray for well-being and blessings for those on my list. This isn’t something I charge for, but if you want to be added, if you’re having a rough time and want extra prayers, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll add you to my list. If you have special requests (i.e. my mom is going into surgery in a week, please pray for her.), just let me know. Usually, I pray nightly, and I keep my list on my shrine at that time and make the relevant requests. 

Finally, I am offering to do a very simple rune and card reading for folks again and I’ll probably be doing so each month. For this, I’m not taking specific questions. For those interested, I will pull a card/draw a rune, maybe include another system too and interpret and send you the results. I’m charging $15. You may paypal me at Krasskova at but please also email me letting me know that you want a reading so I both know (sometimes paypal is really slow about sending notifications) and know where to email you.

If you don’t feel in need of a reading but would like to support my work, here is a new thing that I am trying (I’ve seen some authors whom I very much respect using it): Kofi – Buy me a Coffee, which you can do here if you’re so inclined. Either way, I enjoy my work, think delving back into spiritual work like this is a very good way to start the year, and your support is always greatly appreciated. 

To Óttar — The House of Vines

Hail to one of our most pious of heroes –a beautiful prayer of praise by Sannion over at House of Vines. Read the full prayer here:

I call to you Óttar, Instein’s son, forever young, vanquisher of Angantyr, ferocious warrior who knows the frenzy of the boar, you who won your kingdom through cleverness and valor, and governed your people with equanimity and just laws, maintaining the peace of the Gods which causes the flocks and fields to flourish. Óttar, favorite […]

To Óttar — The House of Vines

Reminder: Setting of Lights this weekend

This is just a reminder that I am taking requests for setting of lights. See below the pic. The cut off is Saturday, 11:59pm EST.

What is Setting Lights?

It’s basically candle magic, though in my opinion, it falls closer to intensely focused prayer than magic. I receive a request, prepare a candle, and add it to the candle shrine, where I will offer daily prayers for the people and purposes included there for one week. I can and will also include traditional candle magic, which does not generally include the week of prayer but a very focused, prepared candle that is lit and let to burn down. I use various candles from tea lights to seven-day pull out candles (when I can get them – it’s getting harder and harder). Sometimes I make my own. It depends on what I have on hand. If I use tea lights, then I will be lighting a candle every night for my client, rather than using one single candle. Prepared sigil candles are larger and preferably pull-out candles. 

For 2023, every Sunday, I will refresh my candle altar. From Mon-Sat. 11:59pm EST I will be taking requests for candles. I’m doing this in part to raise money to cover my husband’s medical expenses, but also because I feel the esoteric itch to be doing this type of work again. My prices and precisely what I offer are listed below. Interested parties may email me at Krasskova at and I will send an invoice via paypal. I’ll repost this every so often as a reminder of this particular service. I may, in the future, offer various charms as well.  

Setting of Lights

$18: Basic candle for any of the following: general blessing, health*, purification, clearing away of obstacles, luck, peace in the home, general well-being and/or spiritual protection.

$30 prepared candle with sigil, oil, herbs, charging, etc. for any of the following: luck, money, opening of the way, uncrossing, peace and prosperity, or spiritual protection. 

$35 Petition candle for a Deity – I will prepare with oils, herbs, incences, etc. a candle dedicated to a particular Deity and will pray nightly to that Deity on behalf of the client for seven days, asking that the Deity favor the client’s petition. 

I’m fairly specific in what I’m willing to do for folks. My specialty is uncrossing and protection, also memorial candles for the dead. I reserve the right to refuse any request. 

To order a candle, email me at Krasskova at and tell me what you want based on my list above. If you want something else, feel free to ask. I”ll let you know if I can do it. I will get back to you within 24 hours and then, if we are in agreement, invoice you via paypal. Once I receive payment, I’ll prepare the candle which will be lit the following Sunday. Sunday is Sunna’s Day and seems to me like a favorable day on which to start these new workings. Prepared candles are done when they’re done. 

For your basic prayer candles, I will continue offering prayers for the entire week even if your candle burns down quickly. 

*This is not a substitute for competent medical care!

If you are so inclined consider Buying me a coffee. 🙂

Saturday’s Work

I’ll share some of the prayers that we usually do on Saturday for basic “God of the week” devotion on some future week — we give this day to Loki and Sigyn. Usually, we use Saturday not just to make offerings to these two Deities, but we also clean ritual tools and shrines. The Old Norse word for “Saturday” was Laugardagr, which means “bath day” (or one could call it Sunnunótt (Sunna[day] Eve). Bath = cleaning so we often use this day to clean sacred things. Also, my devotion to Sigyn deepened intensely once my adopted mom Fuensanta took me in hand. She was a very devout woman (venerated as a saint in at least three traditions), specifically devoted to Loki and Sigyn. She would honor Sigyn by cleaning extensively *every day*, by bringing order to chaos. She was what in German is called a putzteufel, a cleaning devil – a label she wore with pride. For her, cleaning was sacred (and she would pray as she cleaned so that in cleaning her home, she was cleaning for Sigyn). I don’t have this gift. I use this day instead to tidy shrines and garb, gear, divination kit, travel kit, and other sacred things that need ongoing tending (as all things being used regularly do).

ANYWAY, today, I put together my candle shrine for the setting of lights practice that I shall start right after midnight tonight. If anyone is interested, in ordering a candle, contact me before 9pm EST tonight at krasskova at Every week, I’ll be doing this, so that’s the cut off week-by-week. I”m happy to do memorial candles too, which I don’t think I added to my initial list. So here is what it looks like for this week.

I’ll be lighting the seven candles that folks ordered after midnight today — Sunna’s Day is a particularly auspicious day to initiate this type of prayer or magic. If I am praying to a particular Deity or if someone requested that I do so, and if I have a statue or icon of some sort for that Deity, it will go on the shrine for the week too and each night I’ll add my own prayers.

Have a good Saturday, folks.

Edit: here’s a pic of the shrine after it was lit a little later 9pm:

And if you’re feeling particularly generous: check out my Buymeacoffee. Here’s a tidbit about myself that I don’t think I’ve shared before. When I was small, like 2 1/2, 3, 4, my grandmother would babysit me all day. For breakfast, she would often give me a bowl of Special K cereal (it’s sort of like cornflakes) with a bit of sugar sprinkled on it and…coffee instead of milk. Yes, my friends, it likely explains so very much LOL. Even today, it remains one of my “comfort” foods. ^____^ What are your comfort foods? Cooking and food in general is such a tremendously powerful way to connect to one’s ancestors. What foods evoke the best memories for each of you? Feel free to share in the comments.

Honoring Thor on Thursday

Happy Thor’s Day! I love this God, Son of Odin, Mighty Warder of Midgard, Husband of Sif, Father of Thruðr, Magni, and Modi. He has been a very strong presence in my own devotion of late, and we call upon Him in our rites to protect our space before the beginning of every ritual and divination session. I never used to have any particular connection to Him or to Sif, but that’s all changed the past few years and I am so grateful for that. 

So, it is a joy today, on Thor’s Day, to honor Him. I’m finding that every chance I have to give honor, offerings, and adoration to my Gods is a privilege for which I am so immensely grateful. 

Here is a prayer for today for Thor:

(written by me)

Today, I want to call You by Your English Name: 
Thunor, God of Thunder, Mighty Hammer Wielder, 
Friend of Humanity, and Protector of all the worlds. 
You protect our sacred places, our groves and sanctuaries 
and most of all the shrines and holy spaces of our hearts 
that we may lay ourselves down before our Gods 
in adoration, in love, in deepest gratitude without fear, 
without hesitation knowing that You, 
Great-Hearted Husband of Sif, 
Generous beyond measure, 
will always guard our comings and goings. 
You are a loving Father to three joyful children 
and just as You would no more allow Them to come to harm, 
so we too may rest securely in Your watchful care. 

Oh God of the oak, God of holy places, 
God of the mound, I shall never for sake You. 
Please, I pray, watch over my ancestors, 
those of blood and those of spirit. 
Grant that our dead may rest in peace, 
strengthened by Your care, 
the vitality only You, son of Odin bring. 

That is my prayer for today. 
I am so grateful for the chance to honor You, 
so grateful for the chance to pay You homage. 
Hail Thunor, Thor, Thunder-riding God of Asgard. 

Image by G. Palmer

Happy Thor’s Day, folks!

Tuesday: Honoring Tyr and Our Military Dead

Thank you to everyone who sent me prayers to put on Mani’s shrine. I made offerings to Him last night and printed or hand wrote (depending on what each person requested) your prayers and they are tucked carefully behind a large hourglass on His shrine. I will offer this every Monday for Him and I’ll post reminders throughout the year. 

Today is Tyr’s Day. Tyr is a God of valor and justice, honor, and is strongly associated with the sword. His most sacred mystery involves the binding of Loki’s son Fenrir, the great Wolf. In essence, Tyr broke His word to protect His people, which is a powerful mystery: the sacrifice of honor by a God of honor and one that I will leave to Tyr’s people to discuss. 

We actually don’t know very much about Tyr other than this story about Him and Fenris. One mythographer Jakob Grimm suggested that Tyr is the husband of the Goddess Zisa (1). We also don’t know very much about Her, but I find this very intriguing. It’s one of the things that I want to research when I have more time. She does have some cultus amongst modern Heathens. 

The surviving sources are even unclear about Tyr’s parentage but that isn’t surprising. We see this sometimes with the Gods. If you look at the cultus of Dionysos, for instance, while the majority of sources give His mother as Semele, others list various Powers including Kore. It depends on region. More importantly, it depends on how the God Him or Herself wishes to be entwined into the stories and cosmic architecture of a region and for a people. I think this is, in part, a way the Gods created connections with the land and the people of a particular place. I also think it’s a powerful, powerful mystery. Is Semele Dionysos’ mother? Yep. Are the others? Yep. Is Odin Tyr’s Father? Yep. Is Hymir? Yep (2). This ability of the Gods to birth and rebirth Themselves, to embed Themselves in the sacred stories of scores of different people, to create new connections and relationships is something that opens up the road to devotion to our individual Gods in a thousand different ways and if there are places where the edges don’t meet, where the stories conflict, where they disagree then that is a good thing. It is an interstice of life and vitality where we can learn to venerate Them in new ways.  

Now, one of the ways that I’ve been able to connect to Tyr is through the rune Tiewaz, which is the warrior’s rune, and which is inextricably connected to Tyr. It speaks of a warrior’s obligation to protect his or her people, of responsibility, of strength, courage – the courage to stand in the face of evil. That opens up a pathway for me to honor Tyr, as one Who goes into the darkest places, who stands alone on the border of the Godly worlds and protects, fighting against that which would bring corruption and wickedness, warding against that which would attack the structure of creation…and bearing the terrible price of doing so. 

I also connect to Him through honoring the military dead. My first introduction to Tyr –and this has really stuck and colored every other interaction—was as a God of warriors and soldiers (3). Today, on the first Tyr’s Day of the New Year, this is how I chose to honor Him: by honoring the military dead, especially those Ukrainian soldiers who have fallen fighting for the independence and freedom of their country. 

I keep a special section of my ancestor shrine (which fills nearly an entire room – I gave over my dining room to it years ago) specifically for the military dead. I’ve felt called to honor them as a group for the better part of twenty years now (along with a couple of other groups). Today, I plan on cleaning and re-ordering their shrine – as with Mani’s shrine, even though I dust it and refresh offerings regularly, this shrine needs a good top to bottom cleaning at least once a year. I make offerings to the military dead as a whole, and also to those in my immediate family, most especially my father John Dabravalskas (1917-2006) who fought in WWII and Korea and remained career military; my maternal grandfather Roland Hanna (1903-1991), my first cousin twice removed S. Wesley Heffner who died in WWI (1898-1918).

I invite you all to share your own stories of your beloved military dead in the comments section if you like. Today is a good day to remember them, honor them, and maybe pour out an offering. Regardless, may our military dead be hailed, and may Tyr ever be honored. Happy Tuesday, folks, from your occasional insomniac vitki. 

(image “Tyr” prayer card, image by G. Palmer)


  1. Many other scholars, including Rudolf Simek, reject the idea of the Goddess Zisa based on insufficient historical evidence. 
  2. See the Skaldskaparmal and Hymiskviða respectively. 
  3. As I write this, I suddenly find myself thinking strongly on the Goddess Athena, Who is also a God of soldiers, but then also of strategy, wisdom, weaving, textile arts, craft…and in some cases prophecy. Our Gods can be so many things to so many people, and have facets we cannot even imagine. I wonder often about our tendency to categorize the Gods as we do. I think it is excessively reductive. Gods are *Gods* and while we may like to restrict Them to neat categories, the reality is very different. Still, such reduction does help us to conceptualize how to begin devotion so maybe there is an upside. I wrestle with this all the time. 

Morning Prayer — The House of Vines

A lovely morning prayer from The House of Vines:

A piece from my Polytheist Hymnal. I greet the day in joy, my heart in awe at the beauty of the cosmos.Hail to you Gods of the heavens, and the earth, and those below.Hail Gods of the mountains and the forest,Gods of the mighty rivers and the towering trees.Hail Gods of the desert and the […]

Morning Prayer — The House of Vines

Nine for Odin by thehouseofvines

Sannion wrote these when he was first courting me and I absolutely love them. They capture aspects of Odin that I don’t often engage with … or rather ways of finding Him, of seeking Him out that I hadn’t prioritized before he gave me these prayer-poems years and years ago. Hail the grey God. Hail Gangleri. You can read Sannin’s nine prayers here.

Odin by W. McMillan (original in my private collection. )

The Third Week of SunWait – Sunna in Thurisaz

Sunwait came hard this week. We’ve been shuttling between home, work, and physical therapy rehabilitation center where my husband is recovering from surgery (a place only a little less polluted spiritually than the hospital itself, and in some cases worse) and it’s a difficult thing to go daily into such a polluted place and then to return home without bringing pollution or worse along for the ride. Every time I leave, I hate leaving my husband in such a place, though he is strong and more than capable of handling the situations that arise – malignant bottom feeding spirits feed on pain ,confusion, and loss and they abound in this hellscape. I’m convinced that there are at least two demoniacs on the floor (got cornered by one of them the other day—I was rushing and not properly centered in my Gods and Their power. When I walk with the latter, such foulness cannot come near me. A blessing sufficed to drive it back but what must that be like for the poor soul at their mercy? I pray constantly as I walk through the ward, not for myself but for those who must live there, for those vulnerable to spiritual infestation and harm. I actually don’t know why there aren’t chaplains visiting frequently – It would help). 

The upshot of this is that we’ve all been doing many more spiritual cleansings. I usually cleanse myself daily in some way, both with prayer and meditation, but also perhaps with sacred smoke, or khernips, a cleansing bath, etc. We’ve tripled that. One of the things that I have found particularly helpful, that leaves me feeling absolutely spiritually clean and refreshed, is a salt scrub. Now, the one that I do is specifically dedicated to Odin but I’ll give a generic here that y’all can adapt. 

Nightly, I fill a tub of bathwater (and put Epsom salts, vinegar, sometimes Kolonia 1800, Florida water or some other scent used to cleanse people, places, and things; sometimes I make the bath khernips – the whole thing lol. Sometimes I add beer and/or milk. I pray to various Gods to bless it. Salt for instance, is sacred to the Roman Goddess Salis, Whose name means salt and who was honored along with Hygeia and Asklepius as a major healing Deity. I ask Freyr to bless the beer. I may ask Idunna to bless the whole thing. It varies based on my mood of the day). As the bath fills, I pray to Odin and read a set prayer to Him and usually make an offering. Once the bath fills, I stand in it and rub the salt all over, including top of my head (crown chakra) and all the way down. Then I sink into the bath and wash it off and get on with having a nice, relaxing bath as per the norm. 

I will share my basic Odin – oriented recipe below. Feel free to use different oils. If there are specific scents you associate with your main Deity, go ahead and substitute those oils and focus it on that Deity. Use this as a guide and just adapt it for your own Gods. I don’t worry about exact drop amounts. I just add and mix until I like the smell. 

Odin Salt Scrub

One pound of sea salt. 

One cup baking soda

¼ cup vanilla powder (found in the baking aisle of your local supermarket)

Liberally sprinkle (at least two tablespoons, more if you want) sweet almond oil and mix it throughout the salt mixture (this helps moisturize the skin because salt, for all its cleansing properties can be very abrasive). 

Ok. That’s your base. 

To that add the following oils (remember, it’s easier to add than to remove. So, start by adding maybe twenty drops and mix. Then check the scent. You can always add more). Use food grade oils. 

Rose otto, galangal, ylang-ylang, violet, anise (go lightly with this one), chamomile (a queen of flowers amongst the nine herbs), and Solomon seal oil (I like to buy it from Luckymojo shop. It’s the best I’ve found). 

After adding each one, mix thoroughly with your hands. When you’ve added them all, adjust for your preference in smell. Put it in a jar and set it on your shrine for a night. Then for nine nights do the salt scrub, bracketing the whole thing with prayer. 

I’ve been doing it every night after coming home from the rehabilitation center and it is one of the most cleansing practices I’ve found.

That is all for today. We are half way through Sunwait which means half way to Yule and that is a lovely thing. 

Bookversary: Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner!

On this day in 2008, Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner first released.


Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner is not denomination-specific: rather, it seeks to provide an entry into interior practice for anyone involved in a branch of this broad family of traditions of the ancient Norse, Germanic, and Saxon peoples, using material suitable for the solitary, independent practitioner. Those outside of the Northern Tradition who wish to deepen their own devotional practice will find this book helpful in their own work, as well.