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Psyche and Eros Shrine

update: the shrine has been claimed. Thank you, folks. 


For a couple of years I maintained a shrine to Psyche and Eros in my home, largely because I had a student and member of House Sankofa who was powerfully dedicated to these two Deities. She moved on two years ago and we’ve lost touch. Over that time, slowly but surely I’ve allowed that shrine to go fallow. I myself, while I respect (immensely) both Deities, have no personal relationship with Them. I finally did divination and received the ok to deconstruct the shrine, which I did last month and since then it’s been sitting, carefully packaged in my closet.

I’m willing to send the shrine (several statues, an offering bowl, and a few other things) for the cost of shipping to anyone who has a relationship with these Deities. It is important to me that the shrine pass into the hands of someone who will tend it well. I’ll be doing divination when contacted to make sure that it’s going to the right person too, just to be sure. A shrine can be a living conduit to the Gods and this one was very well tended for many years.

So…if you honor Psyche and Eros and would like to expand your shrine, please contact me at Krasskova at I want to give Their shrine a proper home.