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True Heathen Values ^_______^

Last night, I was reading a small book my mom gave me years and years ago. It was a collection of quotes from the Havamal with random historical notes inserted every few pages (the book is called “Ferocious Common Sense.” It’s a treasure to me because it has my mom’s hand written notes here and there throughout). One of the things I learned that made me laugh outloud was that upon marriage, a Viking age husband commonly turned the keys to his home, pantry, and stores of wealth over to his wife. That part I knew — it’s what is symbolized by the bundle of keys a married woman would wear at her waist. What I did not know, is that if the man did not do this, it was grounds for immediate divorce. ^_^

So…all y’all “brosatru” out there, I hope you are handing your pay checks over to your wives and living on the allowance they grant you. If not, I don’t really want to hear you spouting lore. I think it’s time instead for, as my husband said, “traditional Heathen values.” ha. 

happy new year, y’all.