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For the Record

For the integrity of our traditions, I now feel the need to make this announcement. 

Sarenth Odinsson has never received lineage initiation into our Starry Bull tradition or our House comitatus tradition. Of the four initiations this latter might entail, he was never deemed ready for any of them. He received one cult specific initiation from me: the first of three fire initiations, which he has received and carried well. That is all. 

Nor was he ever initiated into the Starry Bull tradition by Sannion. Sannion noted to me that Sarenth was present at a group initiation held during the original Many Gods West Conference – because he had freaked out during their previous Dionysian ritual, could not be left alone, and several members had to tend to him. Afterwards, he hung out and wouldn’t leave, even though it was made clear to him that private initiatory rites were about to begin. Because he was my apprentice at the time, Sannion chose not to kick him out. I was not present. 

When those initiations were performed, Sarenth underwent a basic and very modified rite of empowerment. Because it lacked certain elements and oaths it was not an initiation. Furthermore, at that point, he had not completed the pre-req. for the initiations. He was also given multiple chances to complete this pre-req class in working with the Bacchic toys, which he never managed to complete while working with us. 

It is an evil and polluted thing to claim initiations which one has not received. Let this stand for the public record. 

interview with Around Grandfather Fire

In last month’s newsletter, I posted about my recent interview with Sarenth and Jim on their podcast Around Grandfather Fire, but I don’t believe I mentioned it here. I gave a fairly long interview and had a great time. They asked some deeply insightful questions and I think the convo is worth a listen, which you, my readers, may do here. They have a whole index of interviews that you can listen to on various topics of interest to our traditions .

Submission to the Hoenir Agon

For Hoenir
by Sarenth Odinsson

You Who gave us oðr
Swift-legged, Long-legged
Mud King, Marsh King
You Who gave us Will
Hail to You!

Whose friend and aide is Mimir
Who is confidante and conspirator to Odin
Who brings action in Vé’s wake
Hail to You!

Whose mouth is full to bursting
Whose hands held Ymir down
Who helped Odin and Vé craft many Worlds
Hail to You!

Whose silence is full of wisdom
Whose countenance is fearsome
Whose counsel is prudent
Hail to You!

Who knows the many ways forward
Who even the Gods seek in counsel
Whose divination sees the Worlds set aright
Hail to You, Hoenir!

Sannion and I were Interviewed….

Sannion and I were interviewed on the show “Jaguar and the Owl” and the interview went live yesterday. I’m sure there’s something here to piss everyone off.

Y’all can listen to the show here, wherein we discuss orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and what it means to rebuild a tradition.


Dastardly Divisive Doublespeak

So Halstead, not content with bombarding VeiledWitch is going after Sarenth Odinsson now. Well, I happen to agree with Sareth: if you do not believe in Gods, then fundamentally you cannot be said to hold anything “sacred.” It’s simple linguistics.

The word ‘sacred’, from the Latin ‘sacer’ specifically means ‘belonging to the Gods.’ No Gods; nothing sacred. It’s bad enough he wants to remove the Gods from Paganism, but now from vocabulary words too? Atheist, please.

In case Latin is too high brow for him (though he claims to be an attorney, so I would think this type of linguistic analysis would not be above his pay grade), Collins English Dictionary defines it as exclusively devoted to a deity or to some religious ceremony or use; holy; consecrated.

Random House dictionary says:


  1. devoted or dedicated to a deity or to some religious purpose; consecrated.

2. entitled to veneration or religious respect by association with divinity or divine things; holy.

3.pertaining to or connected with religion (opposed to secular or profane ).

Other definitions do mention “regarded as being worthy of reverence,” but they are not primary definitions. First and foremost the word itself implies connection to a Deity.

Halstead seems to be getting increasingly desperate and his arguments increasingly insipid. He’s going after some of the most vulnerable in our community and we need to support each other. Attempts at intimidation and Orwellian twisting of terms will not work.