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Yuletide Shopping Guide – Northern Europe Products – Part 2

I created the Yuletide Shopping Guide in part because Yule is one of my favorite times of year. The guide features items polytheists would enjoy seeing in their homes or under their tree this yuletide. All with the hope of spreading some holiday cheer in a difficult year by finding items that can help feed our devotions within our polytheistic traditions, but also to hopefully along the way lift up some of the artisans in our midst too.

So far I’ve included resources for crafters, makers, and DIYers: cookie cutters, crafting molds, fabric (MesoamericanEgyptianGreekNorthern Europe), machine embroidery designs, cross-stitch and embroidery patterns, as well as knitting and crochet patterns. I’ve also highlighted some items on a Krampus theme. I’ve spotlighted items you can use to deck the halls and trim the tree. 

Check out the Greco-Roman themed products relevant to devotees of Cultus Deorum and Hellenismos, the Egyptian themed products ( Part 1 & Part 2 ) relevant to devotees of Kemetism, and Northern Europe themed products ( Part 1 ) relevant to Northern Tradition polytheists. Primarily these items are Norse-centric, but there’s a small scattering of Celtic and Slavic goods too in the mix.

There were some artists and artisans who offered a range of product across pantheons, or whose work focuses on a tradition that I didn’t have enough items to spotlight on its own. So I highly recommend that you carefully peruse the spotlighted artists and artisans in my miscellaneous Part 1, & Part 2. You will find offerings encompassing a vast array of traditions: Norse, Slavic, Celtic, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, Polynesian, Mesoamerican, Minoan, Assyrian, Sumerian, Welsh, Asian, Native American/Inuit, and more!

Today will be the second installment of Northern Europe themed products relevant for fellow Northern Tradition polytheists.


HellesTeeth offers something for the little Heathens in your life: teething rings. Let mjolnir protect your ears from the fussy screams of an unhappy child as their first teeth emerge.


Jessica Trainham’s shop LadyBuckThorn offers stunning Heathen works in wood encompassing ornaments, altar icons, plaques, and decorative boxes. I’ve learned the hard way, never open a package with goodies from her when others are present, if you hope to keep it.


Michigan based AricJorn is a talented sculptor focusing on Norse mythology and culture.


The Russian based Ruyan workshop specializes in Norse themed jewelry creations to shop gold and silver work visit their RuyaN storefront and you can find their more affordable bronze and silver plated work at their RuyaNBronzE storefront.


ArtFays features hand painted wooden peg figurines of the Norse Gods and Goddesses, as well as figures from other traditions and folklore.

Stay tuned for more installments! I am not done yet.