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Yuletide Shopping Guide – Fabric – Norse and more

The Yuletide Shopping Guide was created to spotlight items that support our religious devotions and practices, help artists who are struggling in this pandemic year, and to help some of the artisans in our religious communities too. I’ve started early to share resources for cookie cutters, craft molds, and fabric related to Mesoamerica, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greece. In hopes this early start will allow the makers time to get ahold of materials if they intend to make something for this holiday season.

To our Northern Tradition polytheists, get ready to vike yourselves some fabric for your projects this yuletide. There’s a plethora of mjolnir (Thor’s Hammers), lots of runes too, Odin makes some appearances, a rune card pattern great for kids, and so much more. I have bought so much fabric.


Arts_and_Herbs Has a small fabric collection with varying sizes of a Valkyrie pattern based on archaeological finds, in addition to a mjolnir pattern, a sun wheel pattern, and a runes pattern.


Viking fairy offers two patterns both use a combination of runes and symbols connected to the Norse Gods, one looks like it could be a good option for the kids.


Odinist has patterns based on archaeological finds, as well as a really adorable rune card pattern which would be cute for kids.


In addition to a rune pattern in various sizes and colors, Bearhide also offers a fabric collection encompassing runestones, mjolnir patterns, and a mixed pattern of runes & symbols.


This is less religious, and more just cute. This Viking ship voyager pattern seems perfect for projects for the little heathens in our midst. Presented in a fabric collection with a variety of coordinating fabrics.

Even more fabric possibilities

Please let me know if there are any errors, with all the copy/pasting it is easy to make a mistake. If there’s something you think I should spotlight in the yuletide shopping guide, please contact me and let me know. So concludes our fabric resources, but there will be more resources to come! Stay tuned.

Yuletide Shopping Guide – Cookie Cutters

I recently posted that because 2020 has been a challenging year I was putting together a Yuletide Shopping Guide with the intent to help artisan members of our community & to help spotlight items that support our religious devotions and practices. I know it’s early, but I wanted to go ahead and start spotlighting project materials that DIYers may want to use to make their own gifts this yuletide.

We’ll be starting off with some installments to help the bakers, crafters, and DIYers so that those who may want to create something for a yuletide gift can get their project materials before the holidays.  Today’s installment is for the bakers. The pandemic has had many of us returning to our kitchens, instead of eating out. With that shift, has come a huge explosion in baking, with kitchen spices being some of the most in demand items at many grocers. I think in times of stress we return to the comfort and warmth of our kitchens and hearths.

While these cookie cutters can be used to make edible sweet treats to appeal to the cookie monsters in your life, they can also be used for other purposes too like ornaments made out of polymer clay, or for applesauce and cinnamon ornaments used for the tree, in wreaths, garlands, and more.


Bakerlogy offers an array of cookie cutters from symbols for Northern Tradition Polytheists, to Egyptian iconography that will appeal to Kemetics. There are also Celtic symbols and other links to the past: like the Venus of Willendorf, the Greenman, Cereberus. They also offer a range of other designs that are not sacred in origin too. All their cutters are made with dishwasher safe plastic, and can be purchased from either their main site, or their storefront on Etsy.


Like their eponymous name would suggest, Runic Cookies offers cookie cutters for the Norse runes, as well as mjollnir (Thor’s Hammer), and some Slavic symbols too. All their cutters are made from stainless steel. You can find them online at Etsy.

Coming Soon for our creative makers you can expect to find resources to a variety of fabrics, craft moulds, patterns, and more! After that, we’ll transition to finished goods ready for purchase. If there’s something you think I should spotlight, please contact me and let me know.