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Upcoming Art Show

In October, I am one of twenty artists who will be showing work at the Live4Art Gallery in Pawling, NY. Because there are twenty of us — it’s a huge show, includes pottery, and is going to be fabulous!– each artist has three slots. Here are the three paintings I’m putting in:

Still life with Apples, by G. Krasskova Acrylic on linen canvas

Still life with Apples

Temptation by G. Krasskova, acrylic on linen canvas

Temptation (or Malus I would rather be)

Slava Ukraini, by G. Krasskova, acrylic on linen canvas

Slava Ukraini

I need to take better photos in much better light. the overhead, inset lights in my living room really skew the brightness and hue of the paintings but you get the idea here. I’ll post more about the show once we’re closer to October.