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Submission to Vesta’s Agon



“Vesta” by Lykeia

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Submission to Vesta’s Agon

Eternal Fire
by Wynn Dark

Hail the holiness of hallows fire
kept burning through the long dark
by virginal hands.

Holiness that even the wolf children of the North
can understand, for you are a Lady
of the wolf children of the South ,holy Vesta.

Hail Vesta that both keeps and is that eternal fire,
hearth flame of the Roman people,
may your flame ever be kindled
in the hearts of Your people.

First Submission to Vesta’s Agon

“To Vesta”
By Alexeigynaix

As long as Your temple fire burns
the city is protected.

The strength of the city’s protection
is Your temple-tenders’ dedication.
The light of truth
(they say in Unitarian
Universalist circles
of the chalice flame
at the moment it’s
the warmth of community
the fire of commitment.
Things that burn ever
in our hearts
even as the physical flame
goes out.

May we too tend the flames
the light of truth
the warmth of community
the fire of commitment
and may our passionate devotion
burn us inside with love of Gods
with love of You.

May our dedication shine
lighting the way for our children
and their children
and theirs
and may we someday
light Your temple flame
to burn ever as protection
as once it did in Rome.

I light a candle to You.
The flame is small
but its heart burns so hotly
I see Your blue eyes there.