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Update: Poison Plants and Bones in my shop

Dver is offering a couple of interesting things in her etsy shop and also from her site. Check this out and contact her if interested.

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Book Design for Pagan/Polytheist Titles — A Forest Door

For those of you working on book titles, check out A Forest Door. Dver does really lovely book design and editing.


As many of you know, I’ve been doing book design for self-published authors for many years, specializing in pagan/polytheist titles (including all of my own books of course!). For awhile I decided to broaden my reach to other types (mostly local authors in my area) under the banner of Winged Words Book Design but I’ve […]

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the political is spiritual — The House of Vines

Every word.

Apropos of my last post … [Edited to add: woops, I meant to link this post, though I suppose the other works too.] How does destroying statues of elk and mermaids get justice for George Floyd, Elijah McClain or Breonna Taylor, let alone all of the poor White, Latino, Indigenous, Queer, et alia lives that […]

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Brutal Honesty and Shifting Identity — LOKI CVLT

This is one of the most powerful and courageous stories that i have ever had the privilege to read.  — GK


This is a coming out story for Pride Month: maybe not the kind you’re expecting. I have often written about how Loki is a god that requires our honesty. Why is that? I think it’s because Loki is a trickster and a god of destruction. But what does that really mean? The trickster is a […]

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Hellenic Polytheist Survey

Dver, author of “Kharis” is hosting a survey as part of her preparation for a new edition of one of her books. Those of my readers who identify as Hellenic polytheists might find this interesting.

Check it out on her old page: via Hellenic Polytheist Survey

Daily Hymns

Sannion has written a lovely sequence of daily prayers to Dionysos, one for each day of the week. Check them out here: via Daily Hymns

I am a Gatekeeper

We should all be gatekeepers for our traditions. That is what a devout person does: keeps the trash out.  What kind of traditions will we have if we open our doors to everyone, regardless of whether or not they uphold the tradition’s values, honor the tradition’s Gods, or wish to contribute to its future. Traditions require boundaries and it is the sacred responsibility of every single member of that tradition to protect them. WAyland Skalagrimsson wrote about this recently here and it’s worth a read: via I am a Gatekeeper

Kickstarter Launch: The Girls Underground Story Oracle

Dver is working on a new and fascinating project and has started a kickstarter to help fund what promises to be a powerful oracle deck. Check it out here via Kickstarter Launch: The Girls Underground Story Oracle

Dver is the author of “Kharis,” “Komos,” “the City is a Labyrinth,” “Dwelling on the Threshold” and more.

Kharis Anniversary

Dver’s book “Kharis” is a lovely introduction to Hellenic polytheism. Now you can get a copy at a reduced price. See the original post here: via Kharis Anniversary