Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for the Website

Your personal data is only collected by this website [] if you choose to fill in any forms or comment on this website.

  • Data entered into the comments or contact forms is held by this website, which is powered by WordPress.
  • The contact form on this website is connected to Gmail so if you complete it, your data will be shared with Gmail email services.
  • The email sign-up form on this website is connected to a MailChimp account, so if you complete it, your data will be shared with MailChimp.

You can read Gmail’s Privacy Policy in full here:

You can read WordPress’ Privacy Policy in full here:

You can read XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’s Privacy Policy in full here: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Any other data collected about you is only available to the end user (the owner of this website) in an anonymized form, for example, as visitor stats. No data from this website is downloaded by the owner of the site and stored outside of the cloud services mentioned above.

Privacy Policy for the Newsletter

I do not sell your information to others. Ever.

The information I collect helps me to send the newsletter to you. Some email services will reject emails if they are not personalized with a name. For those who also provided their country (and for US Citizens who also listed their zip code) that information allows me to target you for special appearances, and helps me check that I’m legally compliant.

Information you provide to me is not shared, with the following exceptions:

  • XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, is a service I use to power the newsletter
  • During the newsletter subscription sign up process I asked a specific question on if I could also share your information where appropriate. Sometimes bookstores, conferences, galleries, etc. that may be hosting me for a special appearance or event may want to email my subscribers directly. If you checked “yes” to that question when you signed up, you gave me permission to share your information with these entities. If you checked “no”, then your preferences have been saved and your information will not be shared with those entities.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact the website’s owner at this page:

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