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Six Prayers to Nantosuelta

Kaye Boesme has written a lovely series of prayers to the Gaulish Goddess Nantosuelta. I didn’t know about this Goddess until reading these prayers -thank you, Kaye! I love our Gods and I want to see Them all honored by those so called, so I’m sharing these here with permission. They’re just beautiful.

Here is the link.

To Forseti — The House of Vines

For Karl. To Forseti Hail to you clear-eyed Forseti, wise son of Baldrthe beloved and faithful Nanna, with a voicethat puts to sleep quarrels and a mind like a whirling stream,able to solve the hardest of puzzles and settle any disputebrought before you, no matter how tangled,O you who preside over the law-court of the […]

To Forseti — The House of Vines

To Höðr — The House of Vines

Hail brave Höðr stout in war, slayer of multitudes,driver of Óðinn’s battle-chariot, excellent archerwho always strikes true, strong enough to draga many-oared ship ashore by yourself, saviorto those who fight under your banner and a terrorto your luckless enemies, you who have never seena foe capable of placing fear in your own heroic heart;Höðr whose […]

To Höðr — The House of Vines

A Very Belated Thought for Sunna’s Day

Sunday belongs to the Goddess of the Sun: Sol or Sunna (both names occur in our lore). She is a force, a Power and on a very frenetic and frustrating day, it occurs to me that one of Her lessons, one of Her gifts is that no matter how bad a day may be, the sun will alway rise again thereby giving us the chance to regroup, reconsider, re-prioritize, and begin again anew. No day, however poorly it has gone needs to be the determiner of all to follow unless we allow it to be so. That is a powerful lesson, one of resilience, perseverance, personal responsibility, and the cultivation of power.

Hail Sunna in Her glory. Hail Her in Her power. Most of all, hail Her in Her kindness and benevolence.

It is a privilege to praise Her.

To Hermóðr — The House of Vines

Sannion is on fire and I’m going to be sharing three powerful prayers that he wrote last night, the first here to Odin’s son Hermod Who made the journey into Hel, the second to Asklepios, Who has been a good friend to our House, and the third, a powerful, powerful prayer to Hekate in the name of all the children being stolen by Russia from Ukraine.

Hail to you Hermóðr, valorous son of Óðinnthe Chooser, whose heart has been tested in battle,whose bond is trusted throughout the nine worlds,and whose iron will never can be turned from its goal.O swift-footed Hermóðr, messenger of the Godsand friend to all but the oathbreaker, your proud fathergifted you with your gold-gleaming helm and unpierceablechainmail […]

To Hermóðr — The House of Vines

Wednesday for Woden

It goes without saying that I have something like seven household shrines to this God Who owns such a large part of my heart. I keep meaning to write meditations on each of His heiti or epithets, but while much meditation has happened, it hasn’t yet translated itself into my writing. Don’t worry though – several of you have emailed about this – I have a whole new year to work and eventually I’ll write some of it down here! In the meantime, Here is one of my favorite prayers from the small novena book The Ecstasy and the Fury. It’s the prayer for day three. Odin’s name – better spelled Oðinn in Old Norse (I probably left off an accent somewhere), literally means “THE Frenzied One” (or “The Furious One” – I’ve seen it translated both ways) and that Frenzy could be battle hunger, or the seething trance of a shaman, the ecstatic oracular state of a seer, or the frenzied inspiration of a poet. What of that He chooses to share with His devotees is beyond the power of words to capture. But, through poetry and devotion, I do try. 

For Odin

For Odin, He Who is Frenzy 
The raven has hooked his claws in my heart 
tethering me to the interstitial frenzy 
pouring out from gallows to God. 
Let us praise the furious One,
Who rendered Himself upon the Tree 
gore-blessed, ever-hungry,
victorious over Himself first of all.
Let us praise Gangleri,
Who wanders through
all the darkest corners
of our world,
spitting mouthfuls of glacial fire
into the heads and hearts
of fervent women.
Let us praise the One Whose spear
keen and sharp, ever finds its mark, 
Gerölnir, blistering across the field of battle 
ever ecstatic in His fury.
Let us praise the Burden of Yggdrasil, 
Corpse-God and eunuch, ever renewed 
through the agony of sacrifice.
He mounted the Tree 
and with a war cry like shrieking thunder 
swallowed the glory of the Gap – 
gasping, gripping, spewing runes, this sovereign Power.
Let us praise the Roaring Thruster, charmed and charming, 
Who scatters His seed inciting longing, 
carnal and cunning, clever and cruel, 
exquisitely adroit across all the worlds, 
Glory burning.
Let us praise this God in Whom
all opposites reside, compelling adoration, 
devouring opposition, like grist in His teeth, 
ground up and grinding, bale-eyed Beguiler, 
Who gnawed on fire, this Architect of Being,
throbbing, pounding, aching, wanting, 
implacable Force, unsparing Fever, 
unappeasable haunting Hunger,
to Whom Being itself surrendered
torn apart and structured anew.
Oh Glad of War, Galdr-Father,
Glad of Battle, God of Gain,
Blinder of Foes, sharp Wand-Wielder,
Gaunt God Splendor, World-willing Wonder, 
Incanting Hjarrandi, Herjan, Goðjaðarr,
Lord of Hosts and Valhalla’s hall,
Blazing Ravager, Renewing Ruler,
howling winds herald Your terror.
Odin we call You, vehement and lethal, 
vigorous valor, we hail You always. 
We ask that You fill us with Your thirst for knowing, 
so that our lives will ever be full of color. 
Hail to You, oh Frenzied Hunger.
Hail to You, Odin. 

(from The Ecstasy and the Fury: 9 Nights with Odin – a Novena, by Galina Krasskova, Sanngetall Press, 2020). 

“Odin” prayer card by W. McMillan

(from The Ecstasy and the Fury: 9 Nights with Odin – a Novenaby Galina Krasskova, Sanngetall Press, 2020). 

I’ve also written a compilation of all of my work on Odin up to the time of its publication (it does not include the novena work) that includes the full text of Whisperings of Woden, and the English text of Walking Toward Yggdrasil.

Of course on Woden’s day, I’ll be making offerings to Him but I’d also like to offer a rune pull for anyone interested- one rune, no questions.  Just shoot me an email at Krasskova at by 9pm EST tonight. You can support my work at the Buymeacoffee link below if you are so moved. 

Have a happy Wednesday, folks. I’m still waiting for cold weather…this damp, chilly crap is killing my joints. When in my head, I think I’m 20, my body quickly reminds me that No, oh NO, I very much am not. I hope those of my readers who like me have chronic pain issues are doing well. Pain flares are terrible things, but they do not last forever no matter what it seems at the time. As an Odin’s woman, I learned to dedicate the pain to Him, to elevate it and give it purpose – may He feed on it and be nourished, or transmute it into something useful in His work of sustaining creation. It helps me to bear it, so I pass this on. Not every God may want such an offering (I’m not sure if Odin *wants* it so much as sometimes graciously accepts it from me) but if it clicks, if a God accepts it, it does make it easier to carry. Regardless, I wish you well and I wish all my readers health in this new year. 

Here’s the link to Buymeacoffee. I like coffee, and tea too and this is a lovely site that allows readers to participate in the work of those writers, artists, et al. whom they follow. It is very much appreciated and I thank all of you who have contributed to my work either at this site, or via PayPal, or by your prayers to the Gods on behalf of my house — particularly when my husband was sick. THANK YOU. You do matter and I firmly believe you are seen in the eyes of your Gods. May They ever hold you kindly in favor.

A hymn to Sekhmet — The House of Vines

Sannion wrote this prayer for me — I love Sekhmet dearly and was made Her priest in 1995. That didn’t go away when I became Heathen. I venerate Her still and will so long as I draw breath. She brought me to Loki and Odin. We’ll be honoring Her as a House on Jan. 7, Her feast day. Dua.

For Galina Krasskova To Sekhmet the Protector Hail to you Sekhmet, Fierce Onewho can swat away the Seven Arrowswith a contemptuous wave of your hand,Sekhmet the Mighty One who hunts downmalignant, vagrant Spirits by day and by night,Sekhmet the Unrivaled One who spits at the Evil Eyerendering it as impotent as the enemies of the […]

A hymn to Sekhmet — The House of Vines

Hymn to Isa — The House of Vines

Tonight Sannion wrote a prayer/poem for the rune Isa and it captures something of this rune’s potency so incredibly well that I had to share it with you here. I wish he’d do one for each rune in the futhark!

Read the whole thing at the link below.

For redeseker To Isa Hail to you Isa, indomitable Dameamong that family of Spirits which Óðinnbrought through with a terrible screamwhen he hung on the lonely, wind-swept treefor nine long days and nine even longer nights.You can withstand every blow and every scheming attackflung your way, nor can anything in all Miðgarðrcause you to budge […]

Hymn to Isa — The House of Vines

Daily Devotions to the God of the Day

I used to do this all the time, making a small offering (usually a tea-light candle, incense, or water) and spending a bit of time in prayer to whatever God or Goddess governs the day, but it’s been a very, very long time as I change up my practice every now and again to keep it fresh. I find myself, however, as the New year approaches, wanting to get back into this type of consistent and regular daily practice again—practice of the sort that ties my contemplations of the Holy Ones to the day and very concrete sense of time and place by which my daily life is ordered. 

Before we continue, let me explain for those of you who aren’t Heathen, what I mean by “God of the Day.” In English, the names for the days of the week derive from Old English or Old Norse words that are basically constructed like this: name of a Deity + day. Monandaeg (OE), Mánadagr (ON). So, we have the following: 

  • Monday – Mani’s Day
  • Tuesday – Tyr’s Day
  • Wednesday- Woden’s Day
  • Thursday – Thor’s Day
  • Friday – Frigga or Freya’s Day (the etymology is from the OE “Frigedaeg,” Frigga’s Day but the ON is frjá-dagr and Latin gives the day to Venus. I solve the problem by honoring Them both). 
  • Saturday – we only have the interpretatio romana for this day, which means Saturn’s Day in OE. The ON word for Saturday is laugardagur, which means „bathing day.“ I don‘t know why there was no Germanic God given to this day, but my House has always honored Loki on this day, and, once my adopted mom took me in hand, I began to honor Sigyn on this day as well. This is for solely personal reasons: Mutti was what one might call in German a putzteufel, or cleaning devil. You could eat off her bathroom floor her house was so impeccably clean. She considered cleaning her entire house daily to be a devotional act to Sigyn. She was creating space where nothing malignant could endure. She would pray to Sigyn the whole time she clenaed. It was a deeply, deeply devotional act for her. Becuase of this, as I honored Loki on Saturdays, so too I began to honor Sigyn and it is a custom my House has maintained. 
  • Sunday – Sunna‘s Day, the day of the Sun. 

I have shrines in my home to Sunna and Mani, Odin (multiple ones), Loki and Sigyn, Thor, Frigga; my housemate has one to Freyja. I have Freyja on the ritual room shrine and that room is also an appropriate place where I can make an offering to Tyr (Neither I nor anyone in my household has any particular personal devotion to Him, so we don’t have an individual shrine to Him in the house). 

Starting this Monday (I always count Monday as the first day of the week, but I know some folks would say that’s Sunday. I grew upon rhymes like ‘wash on Monday, iron on Tuesday, mend on Wednesday, churn on Thursday, clean on Friday, bake on Saturday, rest of Sunday’ which sort of set the tone for how I number the days.), I intend to return to this practice and as much as possible, I’ll post my prayers and any other devotions that I do for each day (for instance, I often honor the military dead on Tuesdays). I might not post every week, but there will be enough for folks to follow along and if they want to start incorporating this into their own devotions. 

I have to admit, in addition to just thinking of Monday as the first day of the week, I also deeply love Mani, our moon God, so this will be a lovely opportunity to begin the year with His veneration. 

Now I’m off to do the ritual equivalent of mise en place. We begin our ritual at 11:15 tonight, so that we can end right at midnight. Before any ritual, I always read over the rite or my notes thereof and make sure that I have everything required. I set it out, all prepared for use (in addition to setting up the shrines or ritual room – depending on the type of rite I’m doing) so that once we begin, there is no fumbling, no stopping, no interruption, and no nonsense. 

Have a lovely New Year’s Eve Celebration, folks. 

Mani by V. Hardy

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To Nanna — The House of Vines

A beautiful prayer to Baldr’s Wife…no one ever writes for this Goddess. I”m delighted to see Sannion including Her in his upcoming devotional!

Hear my prayers O Far-distant One,the beautiful, the chaste, the unflinchingly loyalNanna Nepsdóttir, who is so rich in blessingsthat she dispenses boons to all her fellow Ásynjur,as when she gave Frigg a finely spun robe of purest linen,and Fulla who keeps the Queen’s secrets was gifteda finger-ring which gleamed brightlyas the smile of Sunna with […]

To Nanna — The House of Vines