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Update on WTW

All copies of Winter 2019 Walking the Worlds have been ordered for subscribers as of today. You should all be receiving them within two weeks.


Book Review from WTW

In the last issue of WTW, we debuted a section on book reviews. I included one on Jennifer Snook’s new book on contemporary Heathenry that I would like to share with you all here now. Interested readers may download the review here

We are currently accepting articles and book reviews for the next issue of WTW. The nominal subject is prayer, but we’re taking pieces on other topics too. If you’re interested in submitting something, please contact me at krasskova at Deadline for this issue is Dec. 1.

Sneak Peak at WTW issue 8

Check out the TOC for our latest issue of Walking the Worlds. This issue should be available next week and will be sent out to subscribers. For more info, see here. This issue introduces a few changes. We will be including book reviews from now on, of which we have several in this issue and going forward, while there is a main topic for each issue, we’ll also be taking articles outside that topic too. I think it makes for a richer journal. Anyway, here is a sneak peak at issue 8:

Volume 4 | Number 2 | Summer 2018 : Miscellany

    • Introduction by Edward P. Butler
    • The Demonization of Loki in Modern Heathenry by Galina Krasskova
    • The Semantics of Ineffability by Steven Dillon
    • Ad Ultimum Terrae: Adamnan and Fire on the Island by Cathal Pratt
    • Perceiving Aphrodite: Empedoclean Metaphysics by Edward P. Butler
    • A Brazilian Philosopher on the Plurality of Afterlives: “Religion, Salvation and Immortality” by Vicente Ferreira da Silva by Antonio Vargas
    • Review – The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World by Kaye Boesme
    • Review – Profane Egyptologists: The Modern Revival of Ancient Egyptian Religion by S.E.B. Logan
    • Review – American Heathens: The Politics of Identity in a Pagan Religious Movement by Galina Krasskova

Deadline approaching

The deadline for submitting pieces to Walking the Worlds is fast approaching. The topic for this issue is “text and tradition.” if you’ve been thinking about submitting something, now’s the chance. Contact me off list as krasskova at


WAlking the Worlds Update

All copies of the Summer 2017 issue of Walking the Worlds have been sent out. The next issue is now accepting submissions. The topic will be ‘Text and Tradition”. Heathens, do y’all have anything to say here? We’ve been hearing from a lot of Hellenics and others in the last couple of issues. Time to make our voices heard too. 

Information on submission guidelines can be found here. The deadline is Dec.1. 



CFS for Summer 2017 issue of WTW

We are looking for submissions for the next issue of Walking the Worlds. The topic is “Divination.” We accept essays and articles. If you are interested in submitting, please check out the submission guidelines and also the TOC from past issues here. Contact me at krasskova at with any questions. 


WTW Updates

Consider advertising in the next issue of Walking the Worlds. Our advertising guidelines may be found here. If you have a magazine, or a shop or offer relevant services, consider an add. we have a nice variety of price points and the journey receives international distribution.

We’re also looking for contributions for our upcoming Summer 2016 issue. The theme for this one will be Divination. We’re looking for essays, academic articles, and book reviews (See the archive for Bryn Mawr book reviews for the type of review we’re looking for). 

Deadline for issue 6 is June 1, 2017. Inquiries and/or submissions should be sent to me at krasskova at 

CFS WTW Issue 5

Now that issue 4 has been put to rest (I sent out copies today to subscribers), it’s time to start thinking about issue 5. 

The topic for Issue 5 will be Ecstatic Practices and we’re looking for essays and articles dealing with traditional and perhaps not so traditional ecstatic practices, ways of achieving an altered state throughout the vast array of our polytheisms. For example: Is your God or Goddess specifically associated with such practices? How can these practices be used to open up to the Gods? How do we integrate them into our modern lives? What are our ancient role models? 

If you are interested in submitting a piece, please contact me at krasskova at The deadline for submissions is October 1. More information may be found here


Deadline for Issue 4 is almost here

Just a couple more weeks until the deadline for submissions to Walking the Worlds issue 4. If you’re working on an article or essay, you still have a bit of time to finish up. See our website for more details. 


Walking the Worlds Deadline Approaches

The deadline for submissions to Issue 4 of Walking the Worlds is only a month away. If you’re thinking about submitting an essay or article, or you have one in the works, it’s all due May 1.

The topic for this issue is “Polytheism and Philosophy” and the submission guidelines may be found at the link above. It’s already shaping up to be a great issue, folks.