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racoonI, for one, am glad to see neopagans standing united against white babies. They’re smelly and noisy, there are too damn many of them, and they don’t belong at concerts, movies, restaurants or on airplanes – especially on airplanes. Same thing with red babies, brown babies, black babies, yellow babies, purple babies, etc. The whole damn human race needs to go extinct so that super smart racoons can take our place. Why, just imagine the cool shit they’d invent like techno music you “listened” to with your little raccoon paws and food-washing robots! I seriously doubt they could do a worse job running this shit hole than we have. #nomorehumanbabies


Asherah card by Halldora

Here is a sneak peak at the Asherah card. This one still requires a bit of funding folks. If you’re interested, please contact me at krasskova @ 



Walking the Worlds – issue 5

The deadline for submissions to issue 5 of Walking the Worlds is drawing closer. We’re looking for essays and articles on ecstatic practices within polytheistic traditions. Please consider submitting. Our last issue on Philosophy really set the bar high but I’m sure with your help we can meet it. :) 

Contact me at krasskova at if you’re interested in writing a piece. 


Literary Updates

I have two things of note to share and one upcoming project. 

Firstly, the Eir novena booklet is done and has been passed on for formatting and design. It should be available in perhaps two weeks. I’ll keep you posted. 

Secondly, the Hermes devotional that I have long been working on is also finished. It has, however, gone through a number of changes. Instead of a 31 day devotional, I have turned it also into a novena book (I’m really quite taken with this format). Because of that, I was not able to use the bulk of the prayers that people contributed. My apologies and please know you will each get a copy of the finished devotional. My decision had absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the prayers contributed — all of which were wonderful– and everything to do with my decision to do a novena book instead of a book of hours. I want to thank everyone who contributed and with permission, I’ll hold onto those prayers for a future project, perhaps a collection of prayers for the Gods. (Of course, feel free to post and use elsewhere in the meantime). 

Finally, I’m going to be working on a novena booklet to Freya. Stay tuned. That is all for now. 

Here is a sneak peak at the Semele prayer card image. This is not the best image — i need to get a better photo in better light which I”ll do this weekend– but you can see what the card will look like. 


to another discerning of spirits

Good advice from Sannion on both the Starry Bull tradition and specifically on spiritual discernment.

The House of Vines

In the core practices of the Starry Bull tradition course I teach we deal a lot with spiritual discernment, which is a topic of such importance that I’ve shared some of that material over at the Bakcheion. One of the students taking the course asked some really good questions, beginning with how does one practice διακρίσεις or discernment when they are suffering an episode of mental or emotional instability.

Step One: Self-evaluate. What’s going on, how bad is the episode, does it respond to the treatments laid out here, how is it impairing your mental and other faculties, can you talk it through with a friend, colleague or trusted elder or do you need the kind of assistance that only a competent professional can provide, etc. Along with self-evaluation should come self-care. It’s okay to put things aside until you’re able to deal with them again later…

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A Good Day to Honor the Dead

Today I was thinking about my ancestors and working on finishing up the Eir novena booklet. As part of the each day of the novena I include a reading, a prayer, and a suggested activity offering. one of the offerings is to go plant a tree. As I say in the booklet, it might seem something of a non sequitur with regard to Eir, but there are Anglo-Saxon healing charms like the Acerbot that focus on healing the earth. Planting trees can help with that. 

So once I took a break from writing, I decided to do just that in honor of my ancestors. I wanted to post about it here so that those of you who might be looking for something nice to do for your dead can add this to the list of options. There are organizations that allow you to plant trees in honor of someone. The Arbor Day Foundation is one of them. If you’re interested in doing this, or just in planting trees in general but don’t have the capacity to do so on your own land, check them out here

There are other organizations too (I think Nature Conservancy has a similar program, for instance) but this is the one I chose to use today. For my non American readers, national Arbor Day occurs on April 29 and is all about celebrating the importance of trees and our national forests. The Arbor Day Foundation has programs in place to encourage people to learn about and plant trees and to replant our national forests. I’m not sure when Arbor Day first became a thing. It’s not a big holiday (no one gets off work) and even to me, the idea of celebrating it seems rather old-fashioned but I think it’s a good thing and maybe we should, for the sake of our planet, be giving it more thought. I chose to do this as an ancestor offering because my adopted mom was deeply committed to the environment. I”m also making a donation to Big Sur Land Trust in her honor today. She was a supporter of them throughout her life. 

There are lots of ways to honor the dead and if they had a cause that they supported during their lives, or that they felt really strongly about (and it’s something that doesn’t violate your own ethics), then donating to that cause or doing something to support it can be a really good way to honor the dead and make the world a better place. Hail to our dead. May they always be honored. 

A Sneak Peak at Two New Prayer Cards

These cards should be available next week. Both are by Wayne McMillan. 

#1: Asklepios


#2: Mani


update on Freya contest

I’ve decided to wait to select the winner of the Freya contest until Her day: Friday.🙂 Until then, I’ve each of the entries numbered and a bowl with scraps of paper, each bearing a number written on it, sitting in a bowl at Her shrine. 

Friday, I’ll make offerings and prayers, and do a drawing by lots and announce the winner. Submissions are closed now, but stay tuned. 

Miscellaneous Round-Up

I haven’t done one of these in awhile but just the past couple of days I’ve been reading too many thought provoking pieces to ignore, so I figured I’d share them all wit you here in one go.

  1. First we have Kenaz Filan’s brilliant analysis of Ryan Smith’s most recent assed up piece at Patheos. I know for the Marxist zealots in our midst this is a difficult thing to understand, but we really should be making ourselves relevant to the Gods, not the other way around.
  1. Next, there is a nice article on Gaulish ideas of sin and miasma by Segomaros Widugeni. I may have to write something similar about Heathen practices.


  1. Here is a rather thought-provoking piece on Islamic Apologetics that looks to Hindu scripture to explore the rationale for opposition. I don’t agree with everything in this article (especially the nonsense about sacrifice) but it still provides a different perspective to what I’ve seen coming out of the Pagan blogosphere.
  1. This article touches on the use of ‘religious freedom’ statues by secularists as an insidious means of forcing conversion from one’s indigenous polytheisms. Worth considering here, and yet again highlights why I think proselytizing and missionary work should be classed as a human rights violation and punished accordingly. This is an important piece and shows just how the attack on polytheisms has not in the least ceased with the advent of the modern state. It’s just gone underground: if monotheists can’t force the destruction by violence, they’ll do it by legislation and claim religious freedom as they do.


  1. Finally, my favorite site of all of these, an article devoted to the Skull cultus in Naples. It showcases pictures and describes the cultus (and Catholic oppression of it). I’m not quite sure if one can visit this site, but if so, I would just love to go and make offerings. We need more of this.



Here’s another piece a friend just sent me. Apparently a druidic woman at a pagan festival had her hair cut while she slept, without her permission. This, is assault, folks. This is a complete lack of respect and boundaries. This is disgusting and…not surprising in the least, unfortunately, at a pagan gathering. I could say more on this, but I think y’all know my feelings.


Freya Contest – Entry 13

Flaxen Lady of Vanaheim
Beauty to behold
Shine on us in all your ways
Your tales e’er to be told

Vanadis of the battlefield
Chooser of the slain
Welcoming to Folkvangr
Warriors of the plains

Bearer of Brisingamen
Ring of fire about your neck
Obtained with your assuredness
Inspire us to be our best

Falcon feathered Sorceress
Soaring through the night
Enshroud us by your magic power
With the runes of might

Rider of the chariot
Around the world you’ve fared
Leaving pieces of yourself
Your presence felt and shared

Great Goddess Queen of Vanaheim
Bright daughter of the sea
Cloak us with prosperity
May we ever connect with Thee.

by Jan Tjeerd


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