Happy Fourth of July, America

I have heard a lot of friends talk about how they are not going to honor the fourth this year and I get it. Our country is a mess and a lot of what our Supreme court is doing is frightening and enraging to many people. As a country, we are divided and certainly are not living up to the promise embedded in our founding documents. We are not living up to the promise of America at its best. 

This is exactly why I choose to celebrate the fourth (though for me, it’s muted. I ain’t going out in ninety-degree heat to grill lol bad grammar intended!). I’ll make offerings to our revolutionary war dead and hang my flag and we’ll have a nice dinner. I do this not because I think America is perfect – I’m an educator. I think America is FAR from perfect. I do this because we need to remind ourselves of what a remarkable experiment America is, and what truly extraordinary documents the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of rights are. I can’t help but think about the protests this past year in Hong Kong. People were singing our national anthem and waving our flag because they recognize the best ideals embedded in the idea of “America.” The fourth is a call to live up to those ideals every day and to demand our politicians do so as well.

I celebrate the fourth as a reminder that we haven’t yet lived up to the promise embedded in those documents and in the better choices our fore fathers and mothers made. I celebrate as a reminder that the Constitution is one of the most flexible and remarkable documents ever written in any country’s history. It is a flexible scaffolding designed to guide the country into the future. When that document was written, there had been nothing like it in the world. It came out of a desire for independence and freedom, and yes, equality (though thankfully our understanding of what that word means has grown since 1776). It was not inevitable that America would come to be as a nation. It is not inevitable that it will continue. Nothing is set in stone and that is why it is important to know our history. We have to know where we failed but also where we were victorious, where our best natures prevailed. We need to know where we come from in order to know what to cherish about our history and what to carry into the future. Nothing is inevitable. Each one of us has the opportunity to decide what tomorrow will be.  Happy fourth. 

For Loki – Day 3

Loki by John Bauer 1911

Yesterday, a friend called you “Kinsman of the Unquiet Thought”
and I recall something similar was my mother’s favorite heiti for You. 
It encapsulates Your sneakiness, and it is not deceit as so many claim, 
to keep us aware and on our toes. It is a grace, gift, and kindness.
Let us ever and always be “unquiet” too, lest complacency smother
our devotion. 

Hail to You, Loki, enemy of Acedia.
Hail Hugreynandi Hoenis, Tester of Hoenir, 
You test us as well, to make us stronger, 
to make us better, to root us in courage, 
confidence, and piety. 
We grow under Your caring hands,
whether we would or not; 
and our worlds expand
as the worlds expanded in the beginning of time,
under the will of You and Your brothers, 
and Your capable hands. 
Hail Holy One.

Secondary libations

I do get this question quite a bit: what does one do with old offerings. Here is a thoughtful post answering that. Here is one option.

A Forest Door

I was just performing a very simple, frequent practice of mine that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned here so figured it would be worth discussing a little. Am curious if anyone else does anything similar.

A common question from beginners in polytheism – especially those living in cities – is, ”How do I properly dispose of offerings?” Plenty of people have answered this for their particular traditions (including me, in Kharis), although it’s still debated to some degree. Some innovation is required because in antiquity, people lived in different ways that changed how they would approach this issue. They had dirt floors and constant hearth fires and easy access to wild places.

Now, I would say the majority of my everyday offerings are libations. This is partly due to the preferences of my gods and spirits, and partly due to practical considerations – it’s simply a lot more…

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Hail Loki – Day 2

You, oh God, were the comfort of my youth, 
my strength in times of weakness, 
my salvation when I otherwise would have been lost. 
You held my head above the waters of terror. 
You sustained me in isolation and poverty. 
There are no words that I can say; 
no gift that I lay at Your feet,
can ever equal the care and protection
that You gave me, all unasked. 

Ever will I eat the fire You proffer in Your hand, 
ever will I allow it to polish my heart, to anneal it,  
to transform it into a gleaming anvil, 
upon which You may hammer out
the contrapunto of Your desire. 
I will always be grateful for the gifts You have given me;
and ever and always will I praise You. 
I will lay gifts at your feet every day of my life. 
I will make thousands of offerings, as many as I can,
always and ever in joy, and always to You,
before my time here is done.

Hail Loki, always. 
Arthur Rackham, Loki

July for Loki — one more time.

Ten years ago this year, I began celebrating Loki specifically in the month of July. It’s not that there aren’t other feast days for Him during the year, but July for a number of reasons, including the rising of the dog star Sirius, which is associated with Him, is a very potent month for His veneration. 

For awhile, a number of years actually, I would write a prayer for Loki every day from July 1-31, and I believe I was the first to make this commitment, but the last couple of years I haven’t done that. Instead, I’ve made offerings to Him and done my household devotions and gotten about my devotional life. Today, a friend reminded me that I’d started the July practice in 2012 – maybe even earlier. I’ve honored and loved Loki so long it seems like decades and decades -- and I thought maybe it was time to do this practice again. 
So here goes. 

For Loki on July 1

Slyest and most cunning of Gods, 
Laevisi Loki, Protector of our House, 
I hail You on this day, 
when the heat batters down upon us,
and auguries of birds whisper tales of 
Your clever might. 

Bölvasmiðr, Mischief-maker, 
better than any other God
at stirring up trouble, 
getting the necessary things accomplished, 
and shattering the walls we set around ourselves, 
I pray to You that our thought-worlds may never be small. 
May our devotion rage like a wildfire through all the many halls
and hazy turnings of the world we have created for ourselves,
until there is nowhere within our lives You have not been. 

God of fire and transformation, open us up via Your grace
to all the glories the Gods have made. 
Let us exalt and celebrate all that is Holy 
and when we are confronted by evil,
may it be Your maegen we call upon
to see us through. 

Hail to You, Loki, best-loved and ever honored
as every God should be, now and forever.  
Loki by A. Rackham

Hail to our ancestors! Wow…a shock for the morning

After close to two decades of searching, this morning the names of my Lithuanian great-grandparents (for my grandmother) were dropped into my lap. I’m still sitting here in shock. That is all I have to say save hail our honored dead, now and always.

If Y’all are doing genealogy to try to sort that all out and hitting walls, don’t give up. Just keep making your offerings and doing what you must. It might take a longtime, but eventually, the tangled lines will be opened. This has happened to me several times always out of the blue. Just be patient and consistent in your veneration.

Now I’m going to stagger off to make offerings. just…wow. Thank you, Ancestors!

A medieval abortion reading list — Going Medieval

A fascinating list by one of my favorite medievalist blogs. Check it out below:

My loves, I know I promised you part two of medieval kink this week, but world events have overtaken me. Instead, I have put together a list of articles about abortion in the medieval period, and I believe that reading them is likely a better use of your time. Later today over at my podcast, […]

A medieval abortion reading list — Going Medieval


So, it’s a bad day in the US today. 

  1. SCOTUS shot down Roe V. Wade so now abortion goes back to the states. In about half the states across the country, women are going to be denied access to abortion. Seems like our Supreme court has no problem defining what a woman is, at least 8 of the 9 of them, and especially when they want to remove rights.  Medical care should not be a political issue. A woman’s access to abortion should not be impinged upon by Christian nutcases. Your religion has no right to reduce any woman to the status of chattel slavery, which, imo, is precisely what forced pregnancy does. Thing is, women let this happen. You want a right, you fight for it. If you’re not willing to fight, well, too fucking bad when you lose it.

Access to Plan B/morning after pill is being cut off by Amazon and other online providers to states that have anti-abortion laws set in motion by this ruling. Therefore, women can’t even order online. I have maybe half a dozen packets (haven’t checked my medical kit in a while – I keep a fairly well stocked med kit at home) that I’m happy to send to any woman in one of these states but maybe what we need to be doing is putting together a USPS underground to get abortifacients to women in need.

2. The Senate passed a bipartisan gun safety bill. I’m against any restrictions to the second amendment whatsoever. Let’s blame guns for everything instead of providing competent health care and mental health care to our citizens. *sarcasm* I’m particularly against “red flag” laws. Who gets to decide what or who is dangerous? I fully believe that the only requirement for anyone 16 and over to purchase and carry a gun, concealed or otherwise, should be a training course and a set number of hours clocked at a range (and not a training course like the one-day workshop the NRA offers, but an actual multi-week course). Without the second amendment, we can kiss the rest of our rights goodbye…which we seem to be doing, and quickly. I expect this stupidity from liberals (just as I expect foolishness on abortion from conservatives) but any conservative who signed this law is a fucking coward who ought to be removed from office. Midterms are coming, motherfuckers. Midterms are coming. 

3. Finally, SCOTUS limited the courts’ ability to enforce Miranda. Read the story here. If you have to deal with the police, the ONLY word out of your mouth should be “LAWYER.” https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/23/politics/supreme-court-miranda-rights/index.html

EDIT 1: And I just read that Clarence Thomas wrote a concurring opinion with the Roe decision stating that SCOTUS should “reconsider” Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell” – those are the rulings that allow, respectively, contraception, the legality of same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage.  This comes as no surprise. I said months ago that if this court went after Roe, the next on the list would be Griswold and then they’d just work their way down. 

On a single positive note, JP Morgan announced that it would pay for its employees to travel to states that allow abortion should the need arise. 

Bookversary: Consuming Flame

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First published in 2014, Consuming Flame is a devotional devoted to Loki and his family.

Consuming Flame brings together everything written to date on Loki and His family by noted author and priest Galina Krasskova. It includes the texts of “Feeding the Flame,” “Honoring Sigyn,” and “Sigyn: Our Lady of the Staying Power” with a significant portion of new material venerating Loki, Sigyn, Angurboda, and Their Children. This omnibus edition provides the reader with the result of twenty years of engagement with this most controversial of Gods. “

Don’t have a copy yet? You can pick it up via amazon, or through bookshop which supports independent booksellers.

Happy Solstice!

I hope you all have a lovely solstice. We’re celebrating a day or so late this year due to nasty weather because we are intent on having a bonfire (and it can be kept anywhere between the 19th – the 24th. My preference is always to celebrate on the 21st). This marks the transition into a new liturgical period, a new season and I hope that it is one of richness and joy for us all. May the blessings of Freyr and Sunna fall upon each of us driving out pollution and opening us up to an abundance of goodness. Happy, happy Solstice.