Paganism Isn’t Dying; It’s (Finally) Maturing

a good thoughtful article (and a particularly entertaining ‘cherry on top’ of Halstead getting his ass handed to him lol).

yes, “paganism” is growing up, finally growing out of its ‘nature religion’ roots and into thriving, Deity driven cultus. it’s about time.

Grennung Hund Heorþ

There’s been some discussion of late in the pagan blogosphere as to whether contemporary paganism is dying.  I think the answer to that is a clear, obvious, and resounding “No,” but more than that, I think it’s important to address what I believe is happening to paganism.  I believe that yes, as John Halstead and Mat Auryn state, paganism is changing.  But where they see it pulled apart by entropic forces or hijacked by hostile ones, I rather see a different direction to the flow.  Paganism is finally starting to take the first incremental steps to emerge from its overlong adolescence.

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Prayer Card Updates

There are several new prayer cards available at my Etsy shop as of this week. 
baba yaga cropped copy
^Baba Yaga by Basil Blake
Ausrine copy
^Ausrine by Basil Blake
^Apollo by Lykeia
^Nethuns by Lykeia
^Fufluns by Lykeia (I’m really thrilled to be able to offer cards for the Etruscan Gods here thanks to Lykeia).
Flora lykeia
and Flora by Lykeia.
Very shortly Orpheus and Achilles will have their cards. I’m running a contest for prayers for them that ends May 27 so if you are thinking about submitting, please do so sooner rather than later.
Likewise, Maia’s Agon will be ending in less than two weeks. If you have prayers for Her, Hermes’ Mother, please consider submitting. There are prizes. 🙂


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Who Owns Your Head?

This morning on Facebook, I was in a brief comment thread about the AFA. They made a Mother’s Day post that got some people’s pussy hats in a twist (which of course, now one cannot read because FB has deleted their page). I don’t care about the AFA, but so much time and energy was being expended in whining about their praise of Aryan Mothers, that I interjected essentially asking “why? Why waste all this time bitching about a group that doesn’t care and isn’t going to change and was willing to boot out a major member, an honorable and devout man because he had a transgender child?” Do you think sending memes to them is going to change their minds? None of us hopefully are that deluded.

Someone fired back that many people assume Heathenry, in all its denominations, is racist because of groups like the AFA. So here are my thoughts on that. Firstly, so what? Are we to define ourselves by the uneducated assumptions of outsiders? Secondly, and more importantly  (and what I posted on fb):

It all comes down to how much space one wants to give them in our heads/minds and practice. They’re going to be doing their thing, but I’d like to see other branches of Heathenry being organized and louder, if that makes sense. what rituals are you doing? What are you reading? How are you living your faith, etc., writing about that, showing through practice that it’s not a racist religion, because in the end, if they take up too much space in our minds, then all we’re doing is giving them more power. I don’t want my practice to be a response to theirs. I want it to be a response to the Gods and my relationship with them. The AFA is irrelevant to that.


(Not the Aryan mother the AFA was looking for?)

Excellent lecture

I deplore victim and safety culture. Of all the issues facing us as a nation and culture, I think this one is one of the most destructive. This is an excellent mini-lecture by moral philosopher J. Haidt on the topic:

Upcoming Divination Session

I’ll be doing a divination session this week on Thursday for my students and apprentices. If anyone has any questions you’d like answered, please feel free to contact me at Krasskova at My rates are here

Submission to Maia’s Agon

A Mother’s Love
by Sparrow

One of the most powerful things in the Kosmos,
Is a Mother’s love.
It endures and perseveres no matter what happens,
It protects and sustains the beloved Child.

This is the love that Maia felt for Hermes, Her beloved Son.
Maia who held baby Hermes in Her arms,
In the dark Cyllenian cave,
Protecting Him from Hera’s wrath.

Maia looked down at her beloved Child,
And saw that His hair was as curly as His Father’s.
He had a smile as sweet as His Mother’s,
And a twinkle in His eyes which was all His own.

Maia loved Her Child beyond reason and measure.
Baby Hermes knew this love well,
And promised His Mother one day they would not live in the shadowy cave,
They would live on radiant Mount Olympos and rightly take Their place
Among the other Gods.

Hermes was true to His word.
He became one of the Olympian Gods and brought Maia to Olympos.
What a glorious day for Maia and Hermes!

Hail to Maia, beloved Mother of Hermes,
Sweet and gentle Goddess,
May you always be praised, great Mother.
Io Maia!

A Contest and Fundraising for Two New Cards

The next two prayer cards soon to be forthcoming will be Orpheus and Achilles, both by Grace Palmer. 

I am in need of prayers to them both so I am holding a little side contest. 🙂 

If anyone has a devotional relationship with these Heroes, please consider submitting a prayer to me at Krasskova at I figure you have about two weeks until the cards are done so I’m going to end the context 9pm EST on May 27, 2017.

I’ll choose the winner via divination. The cards are 2 1/2×4 inches so the prayer has to fit on that size. That’s about 25 lines. 

Everyone who submits will get a prayer card of either Orpheus or Achilles and the winner will get both of them, plus Hermes, Dionysos, and Apollon. 

Help. lol. 

Also, if anyone is interested in donating toward production costs, I would be quite grateful. Again, you’ll get recognition on the back of the card as sponsor, and a half dozen of the cards when they’re printed. Each card, both the artist’s fee and printing costs costs $450. 

That is all for now, folks. 

Interview in Wild Hunt with Markos Gage

Check out this awesome interview at Wild Hunt with Markos Gage. He’s an awesome artist. His work is beautiful and at times mind-blowing. He and his partner Wayne have created several of the beautiful icons that I’ve turned into prayer cards. (He takes commissions, folks). Making art is a sacred thing, all the more so when it’s done directly and mindfully for the Gods. Check out the interview. I might have asked other questions, but overall, it’s pretty good and you get to see lots of pictures of Markos and his art. 

Three Paintings Now For Sale

I’m selling a couple of pieces…including two of my Shaman series.

Krasskova Creations

I don’t usually sell the originals of my Shaman series. I become too attached to them during their creation. At some point though, one runs out of room for storing one’s art! lol. The end result is that I’ve chosen to sell two of them:

OracleTitle: Oracle
Size: 14×18
Medium: acrylic on canvas
wired and ready to hang
Price: $125 plus shipping and handling.

shaman in ochresTitle: Shaman in Ochre
Size: 22×28
Medium: acrylic on canvas
wired and ready to hang
Price: $125 plus shipping and handling

I’m also selling a watercolor study that I recently did:

Playing Van GoghTitle: Playing Van Gogh
Size: 12×16
Medium: watercolor on Arches paper
unframed, unmated
Price: $30 plus shipping and handling

The shipping and handling will vary. With the paintings, I need to bubble wrap them and secure them between two pieces of cardboard then put that in a proper box in order to guarantee that they’ll…

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