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Last call for divination this week. I’m going to be hitting the mat in about an hour today, and then will do another session on friday. If anyone is interested, my rates are here.聽

for those who have reached out to me, expect an email with the div results later tonight.聽

Working on a novena book for the Vanir

My current project, which I’m hoping to have finished by Nov. 1, is a novena book for the Vanir. I’ve decided to post chapters as they’re finished, for my patrons over at my Patreon account. So if you are curious to see the work in progress, to see the book as it’s being written, head on over to this site, and consider becoming a sponsor. 馃檪聽

EDIT: the first installment has just been posted.


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Prayer Card Sets for Sale

EDIT: all of these sets with images have been added to my etsy shop here.

I haven’t added all of these to my Etsy shop yet, but I will be doing so soon. I’ve decided to offer a series of special sets at a reduced price. Those interested should contact me at krasskova at Generally the cards are $4/each, but each set is significantly discounted.聽

Frigga and Her Retinue: Eir, Vor, Var, Syn, Hlin, Saga, Gefion, Gna, Fulla, Snotra, Lofn, and Sjofn. (13 cards total). Cost: $38

The Norse Healing Retinue: Mengloth, Eir, Hlif, Hlifthrasa, Thjodvara, Bjord, Bleik, Frith, Blith, Eir, Aurboda. (11 cards). Cost: $30

The Nine Muses (includes Their Mother Mnemosyne): Mnemosyne, Thalia, Melpomene, Urania, Clio, Calliope, Erato, Euterpe, Terpsichore, Polyhymnia. (eleven cards). Cost: $30 (if you wish Apollon or Zeus to be included, add $2).聽

Norse Ocean Deities: Ran, Aegir and Their Nine Daughters: Kolga, Blodughadda, Bylgja, Hevring, Duva, Unn, Bara, Himinglava, Hronn. 聽(eleven cards) Cost: $30. (if you wish a card for Mani to be included, please add $2).聽

Vanic Set: Njord, Nerthus, Freya, Frey, Gerda, Freya’s Daughters Hnossa and Gersimi. (Six cards). Cost: $15.聽

Mothers Series: Leda, Semele, Maia, Thetis, Metis, Alkmene, Pasiphae, Penelopeia, Leto, Danae. (ten cards) Cost: $28.

If you’re interested in any of these sets, please contact me at krasskova at聽

Upcoming Div sessions…

I will be doing two extensive divination sessions this week. If anyone has questions and 聽would like a consultation, please feel free to contact me at krasskova at My rates are listed here.聽

Additionally, I am selling gift certificates for a full private session (rather than one or two questions). 聽They are $50/each.聽

div cert



The Identity of L贸冒urr

In the beginning, when materiality had been ground into existence by the conflicting forces of Niflheim and Helheim, when the great cow, born from that primal ooze had nourished the proto-giant Ymir and the first race of what would eventually evolve into our holy Beings was crawling from out of His mass, there arose three Brothers: Odin, Hoenir, and L贸冒urr (or to use Their other heiti, Odin, Vili, and V茅). These three Brothers slaughtered Ymir, Their eldest ancestor and set the worlds and the cosmological order that binds us all into being. It was a defining moment in our theogony, the moment when those proto-beings, from Whom our Gods evolve, stepped up, looked far ahead, made choices that shaped and defined Their existence and everything that would come after it, and took necessary, decisive action. It was at that moment that existence truly began.

Of course, we know Who Odin and Hoenir are from the surviving lore, but the identity of that third brother, the one that gave us our rushing blood, and goodness of hue (healthy, living color i.e. vitality and life force), has been a bone of contention for years. Yet it shouldn鈥檛 be. It鈥檚 quite clear from [albeit later] sources that L贸冒urr is in fact Loki.

Dagulf Loptson discusses the relevant passages in his article here and I encourage everyone to read this marvelous piece. He notes that the Eddic reference to L贸冒urr helping to forge the worlds occurs in V枚lusp谩 18. There is, however, a later c. 14th century ballad, 脼rymlur, most likely drawn from earlier oral sources, that have Loki clearly addressed as L贸冒urr (the relevant sections are 脼rymlur I-III 21). We know that our Gods have many heiti. Odin, for instance, has hundreds. He may be called Yggr, Hangagod, Runatyr, Sigtyr, Oski, Gangleri, and so on and so forth (pun probably intended lol). Freya may be called Syr, Mardoll, Vanadis, etc. Likewise Loki has His bynames too. 聽With regard to the name L贸冒urr, one thing that we do know is that He is a figure strongly associated, as Hoenir is, with Odin. That in itself is telling, given that of all the Gods with Whom He dallies (take that word as you will), it is Loki that is recognized as Odin鈥檚 blood brother. Perhaps there is more to that tale than has come down to us.(1) What we take as 鈥榣ore鈥 after all, is hardly a complete record of what our ancestors believed and the stories they told about our Gods. It鈥檚 reflection of their worldview is partial at best and while a good starting point, it is not a complete map.

As Loptson suggests in his article, Loki as L贸冒urr is Loki as a creator God, but as with His brothers, that moment of creation is born of blood and violence a theme which recurs throughout our cosmology. It is through these Gods, Loki included that such conflict is transformed into something fruitful.

Our Gods have so many different facets. It is easy to say, when one has only known a playful or gentle aspect of Loki, that the hungry, violent, driven nature that shows forth in L贸冒urr could not possibly be Loki, just as one might opine that the kindly gift giving Oski could not possibly be Odin, but we should be cautious in doing so. The Gods have histories of which we cannot conceive and are far, far greater than anything we can imagine. My mother used to say a prayer to Loki almost daily, one that sums up how to approach the Gods without attempting to bind them to the limitations of either our experience or awareness. I鈥檒l end with that prayer now:

鈥淔or the life that brought me to You, I thank You.
For the rapture of knowing You, I thank You.
For the heartbreaks that open me to You, I thank You.
For the hunger that goads me to You, I thank You.
For Your kindness and Your harshness,
For all You give and all You take away from me,
I thank You.
For the death that will legitimate my life, I thank You.
For all You were, are, and shall be, I thank you.
My beloved God.鈥
(–F.A. Plaza)


  1. See here for an article by 脼orgeirsson that discusses the debate around this name and Loki, as well as the reasons for giving credence to the attribution.


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Othala is Not a Hate Symbol

1200px-Runic_letter_othalanI saw someone on Facebook today opining that the tattoo they鈥檇 gotten so proudly to honor their Gods was now being taken over by a neo-Nazi group. No. Many things can be corrupted and coopted but it doesn鈥檛 change the inherent nature of those things. It may alter our perceptions, yes, but othala remains othala, a conduit to a rune spirit of tremendous power, one that has nothing to do with our contemporary politics. It is only lost to hate groups if we allow it to be.

This rune is the rune of lineage and tribe, of tradition, of connection to our forebears, of right order. By that latter, I mean sacred covenants (with Gods, ancestors, land) in place and active. It is a rune of protection, of nurturing and nourishing the family, community, and all tribal bonds. It is that which keeps a community healthy, hale, and whole. 聽Those are all good things. We should be working to keep our families, our communities, our tribes if we had them anymore, safe and secure, healthy, we should be maintaining healthy boundaries and working for overall abundance and well-being. Othala is the transmission of knowledge and in a sacred context mysteries from one generation to another. It is one鈥檚 active connection to one鈥檚 ancestors and lineage, complete with all the obligations that entails made manifest. I think this is perhaps why it is a favored rune for white supremacist groups. It speaks to tribe and culture, tradition and lineage but what they miss when they co-opt it, is that it speaks to that for each group of people. It doesn鈥檛 just speak to that for those with white skin. It speaks to the goodness and necessity of connection to one鈥檚 forebears, and protection of one鈥檚 family for every tribe and people. That is contained in its nature, encoded in its DNA so to speak. This is what it holds, what it is. How do you make a people strong? How do you ensure that the next generation will be healthy and hale? How do you ensure clean transmission of tradition from generation to generation and what does it mean to do so? All of this is contained within this rune.

Generally, when I work Othala, I find that it connects very strongly first to the ancestors and then to Odin. For the former, it is very much about the active relationship with one鈥檚 honored dead, the give and take now as it immediately impacts one鈥檚 daily life. It鈥檚 about healthy transmission of knowledge, and daily maintenance of those sacred covenants. When it is more Odinic in its manifestation, it speaks to the obligations of sacred hierarchy, of kingship, of sovereignty, and the give and take between king and vassal, or in modern parlance, the necessary work to keep those covenants healthy and functioning properly. It speaks to the need for good boundaries, for self-knowledge, and for being able to look ahead 鈥 like Odin on Hlidskjalf— beyond the morass of daily emotions and Sturm and Drang of living to the problems that may face a family or community or tribe down the road, it speaks to the necessity of preparation, and of conscious piety being part of the best prep.

Most importantly of all, Othala is our connection to our folk. I hate that term 鈥榝olk鈥 because of how it鈥檚 so often used, but it is our connection to those ancestors who were functioning polytheists. It is the bridge between what we have now as we work to restore, and what once was and as such it is a reminder of our obligations to be vigilant and strong in our work toward restoration. It reminds us that our ancestors hold the wisdom we need and with their help we can bridge the gap between what was, what is, and what we very much wish to create. Othala is the citadel, under protection of the Gods and dead that has never fallen and will never fall so long as we continue fostering right relationship with the Powers, including our own communities. 聽

I too grow angry when I see hate groups mis-using our sacred symbols, all the more so when it is people who clearly have no devotion to or veneration of the Gods and spirits in question. It angers me greatly. It is not theirs by right. It is not theirs to corrupt. It is not theirs to smear their pollution upon. (I feel the same way when I see Wiccans or Pagans handling the runes without any thought to the Mysteries behind them. I feel the same way when I see Marvel misusing the Valknot or other symbols. It鈥檚 appropriation. It鈥檚 disgusting. I do understand very much the anger and disgust such misappropriation can evoke). But that they do this does not change the inherent nature of the rune or the rune spirit itself and I think it鈥檚 important to not let people鈥檚 mis use cause us to abandon these things that are in fact the right of all those steeped in the Northern Ways, or bound to its Gods, or called by its spirits. To abandon that which is ours by right is as great an error as to claim that which is not. We simply have to be louder in proclaiming our traditions, in showing the rune in the proper context, in working as we have each been called to work for the restoration of our traditions. In the end, if the Gods will and our work is successful, those traditions will stand and their ignorant usurpers will be nothing more than a pathetic blip in the march of history. Othala is about preserving and building, not tearing down and not hate.





New Prayer Card: Hygeia by G. Palmer

Here is the latest prayer card: Hygeia by G. Palmer

hygeia painting2x4

Thank you Ellen and Dr.E for sponsoring it. 馃檪 It’s available on my etsy site.

Halldora is also working on Hygeia, plus Nuada. Basil Blake is working on a Celtic Smith Deity, and Grace Palmer is rounding out the Roman military medical corps LOL with the Goddess Salus.

If anyone would like to donate to /sponsor these cards, please contact me at krasskova at If there is a Deity for Whom you really really want to see a prayer card made, also please contact me.
that is all.

A Little Book For Urban Animists

Dver has released her newest book, this one on urban animism (thank the Gods, Dver. As someone FAR more comfortable in cities, and working with city spirits than in the country working with nature spirits, this book is long in coming and a real godsend!). Check the link below to learn more. It’s available on amazon.

Learn more Here: A Little Book For Urban Animists

Third submission to Hoenir Agon

For Hoenir
by C. King

Brooding hostage, silent God
Muddy throne, Your hall of reeds-
Sway and twist like feathers falling
Mossy hued, those slender spears-
Chime and shudder from Your spirit.
Wordless, primal prayers sung
That ripple and tug the vault of heaven.
There amidst the marshy bank,
With Ymir’s blood smeared as mark-
The dappled Crane nests and watches
Before the countenance of Man becomes it.
You that roused urge and longing,
With rune-song sang up and awakened.
Wise He who saw the first and sees the last, what will be the after?

Gray Song, may the riverbanks ever be Your treasure.
Demure Council, may wisdom ever consider all avenues.
Knowing Maker-strengthen our people against those coarse to the Holy Powers.
Long Foot, ward us against the profane and arrogant. Where our clumsy feet trail Midgard-strengthen our resolve to be worthy of the Gods that shine brightly.

Clever God, of mist and wing-
That briny fog your cloak and down.
Whom appears at will to mortals few-
And whispers wisely second thoughts.
I thank You, Vanir Captive.
I praise You, Vili of Odr
May Your name ever live on the tongues of Ash and Embla’s progeny.

Sedna card being discontinued

Per the terms of my agreement with the artist, the Sedna card will be discontinued as of the end of this week. Please check out my etsy shop if you are interested in purchasing a copy before it’s gone. It’s a gorgeous card. I’m lowering the price from four dollars to two for the duration for this card alone.聽