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To Loki Who Listens — The House of Vines

Hail Loki, brother of Helblindi and Býleistr,sons of needle-thin Laufey and the Jötunn Fárbauti,full of deviousness and destruction like a thunderstruckfire roaring through a dense thicket of leafy trees aftera sudden summer downpour; Lord of the stinging gadfly,and the spider that creeps about on eight legs, the scorpionthat brings sudden, painful death with its venom, […]

To Loki Who Listens — The House of Vines

To Fuensanta Arismendi Plaza — The House of Vines

Hail to you whose name shall endure until the Gods gatherat the field of Vígríðr to drive back the forces of chaosand dissolution which you taught us to combatby keeping our space neat and tidy, oh well-brought up one,best of the Swiss, Fuensanta Arismendi Plaza, Putzteufelof the line of Andvari who walked the Earth in […]

To Fuensanta Arismendi Plaza — The House of Vines

Two Beautiful Prayers one to Ullr, one to Apollo

Sannion has written two beautiful prayers that you can read here (Ullr) and here (Apollo). He’s on a roll lately and also has some lovely prayers to Aphrodite, Zeus, Zeus-Ammon, et Al.

To Forseti — The House of Vines

For Karl. To Forseti Hail to you clear-eyed Forseti, wise son of Baldrthe beloved and faithful Nanna, with a voicethat puts to sleep quarrels and a mind like a whirling stream,able to solve the hardest of puzzles and settle any disputebrought before you, no matter how tangled,O you who preside over the law-court of the […]

To Forseti — The House of Vines

To Óttar — The House of Vines

Hail to one of our most pious of heroes –a beautiful prayer of praise by Sannion over at House of Vines. Read the full prayer here:

I call to you Óttar, Instein’s son, forever young, vanquisher of Angantyr, ferocious warrior who knows the frenzy of the boar, you who won your kingdom through cleverness and valor, and governed your people with equanimity and just laws, maintaining the peace of the Gods which causes the flocks and fields to flourish. Óttar, favorite […]

To Óttar — The House of Vines

To Höðr — The House of Vines

Hail brave Höðr stout in war, slayer of multitudes,driver of Óðinn’s battle-chariot, excellent archerwho always strikes true, strong enough to draga many-oared ship ashore by yourself, saviorto those who fight under your banner and a terrorto your luckless enemies, you who have never seena foe capable of placing fear in your own heroic heart;Höðr whose […]

To Höðr — The House of Vines

To Hermóðr — The House of Vines

Sannion is on fire and I’m going to be sharing three powerful prayers that he wrote last night, the first here to Odin’s son Hermod Who made the journey into Hel, the second to Asklepios, Who has been a good friend to our House, and the third, a powerful, powerful prayer to Hekate in the name of all the children being stolen by Russia from Ukraine.

Hail to you Hermóðr, valorous son of Óðinnthe Chooser, whose heart has been tested in battle,whose bond is trusted throughout the nine worlds,and whose iron will never can be turned from its goal.O swift-footed Hermóðr, messenger of the Godsand friend to all but the oathbreaker, your proud fathergifted you with your gold-gleaming helm and unpierceablechainmail […]

To Hermóðr — The House of Vines

A hymn to Sekhmet — The House of Vines

Sannion wrote this prayer for me — I love Sekhmet dearly and was made Her priest in 1995. That didn’t go away when I became Heathen. I venerate Her still and will so long as I draw breath. She brought me to Loki and Odin. We’ll be honoring Her as a House on Jan. 7, Her feast day. Dua.

For Galina Krasskova To Sekhmet the Protector Hail to you Sekhmet, Fierce Onewho can swat away the Seven Arrowswith a contemptuous wave of your hand,Sekhmet the Mighty One who hunts downmalignant, vagrant Spirits by day and by night,Sekhmet the Unrivaled One who spits at the Evil Eyerendering it as impotent as the enemies of the […]

A hymn to Sekhmet — The House of Vines

Hymn to Isa — The House of Vines

Tonight Sannion wrote a prayer/poem for the rune Isa and it captures something of this rune’s potency so incredibly well that I had to share it with you here. I wish he’d do one for each rune in the futhark!

Read the whole thing at the link below.

For redeseker To Isa Hail to you Isa, indomitable Dameamong that family of Spirits which Óðinnbrought through with a terrible screamwhen he hung on the lonely, wind-swept treefor nine long days and nine even longer nights.You can withstand every blow and every scheming attackflung your way, nor can anything in all Miðgarðrcause you to budge […]

Hymn to Isa — The House of Vines

Our Divination for the Year 2023

Tonight, as part of our work, my husband did the divination for our House for the entire year. I’m sharing that here for those who may find it helpful. Last year belonged to Idunna and I am so intensely grateful to Her for Her care. I believe that we are alive today, and reasonably healthy all things considered, because of Her. Hail to the Goddess of apples, the Gods’ delight. Hail Idunna.

This year’s div was to me, surprising. Here you go, for all my Northern Tradition readers:

The year belongs to: Baldr
Rune for the year: Berkana

January – Isa
February – Othala
March – Raido
April – Sowilo
May – Fehu
June – Hagalaz
July – Kenaz
August – Algiz
September – Laguz
October – Mannaz
November – Jera
December – Ehwaz

Today only, that is January 1 until 8pm EST, I am offering to do a very simple rune and card reading for folks. No questions. For those interested, I will pull a card/draw a rune, maybe include another system too and interpret and send you the results. I’m charging $15. You may paypal me at Krasskova at but please also email me letting me know that you want a reading so I both know (sometimes paypal is really slow about sending notifications) and know where to email you.

If you don’t feel in need of a reading but would like to support my work, here is a new thing that I am trying (I’ve seen some authors whom I very much respect using it): Kofi – Buy me a Coffee, which you can do here if you’re so inclined. Either way, I enjoy my work and your support is greatly appreciated. 🙂

[For those of a more Bacchic bent, Sannion also divined for the Bakcheion. For those interested, that can be read here).

Also, for those interested, I have decided that my next novena book is going to be devoted to Idunna. I’m working on it slowly but surely and hope to have it finished by the summer solstice.

(The image above is a scribe working at his writing desk. Read more about medieval manuscripts and their construction here).