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Agons are closed for December

The Agon for Odin and the Agon for Hathor is now closed. I will post the winners tomorrow. Have a good New Year, folks. 

The Agon for January is for Sigyn. The winner will receive a collection of Her prayer cards and a copy of my book ‘Lady of the STaying Power.” January’s agon runs until January 31, 9pm EST. 

Submission to Odin’s Agon

For Odin
by S. Stockton

Howl, Hangi, and hear my prayer.
Flee not from my feeble flesh, but dance in my dead heart;
Your devouring dervish demands devotion, and the damnation of decadent desires.
Madness unmakes the mightiest of men, but all mad minds are yours, Yggr.
Guide and goad me, Sigtyr; stain my soul all shades sacred.
Cruel yet kind, my blood crusted at the creases of Your wry smile, scream Thy song into my every sinew.
There is release in the languishing laughter let forth in labor for You.
Evermore may my adoration endure, Odin.

Submission to Odin’s Agon

Ode to Odin

by Grant Emile Hodel


The one-eyed wonderer,

the cyclopean voyager,

the fury of warfare,

the father of the slain.

Father of the thunderer,

rider of the gallows horse,

walks across the nine worlds,

seeking wisdom to save his son,

so that Ragnarök may never come.

May he find what he seeks,

so that order reigns over chaos,

for all time.

Be safe and merry, folks.


Submission to Hathor’s Agon

Gifts from Hathor
by Sparrow

Oh great Hathor
Golden One
Queen of the Heavens
Beloved daughter of Ra
Please hear my prayer.

Humanity needs You now more than ever
There is so much ugliness, fear, and hate in the world
It is very easy for us to forget Your gifts of beauty, joy, and love.

Where there is ugliness, please beautiful One, send us beauty
Show us Your magnificent sunrises and sunsets
Let our eyes feast upon our comely lovers
And let us drink in their every curve and contour.

Where there is fear, please Queen of the Dance, send us joy
Send us Your sweet music so we may become joyful
Let us dance to Your rhythms and sway in time to Your sistrum
May we join in a dance with those we had feared.

Where there is hate, please Lady of Love, send us love
Open our hard hearts to let Your love in
May our hearts bask in Your love as a calf basks in the love it receives from its mother
May the warmth of our hearts then spread to other hearts across the world.

Praise be to you mighty Hathor! May we never take Your gifts for granted!

Three for Odin’s Agon by Sarenth Odinsson

For Óðrerir’s Brewer

You kindled in me a love for brewing
Water, honey, yeast
Sacred magic, old magic
Kvasir’s brood, your spit
Relaxing and maddening
Teasing out the ties
Inspiration strikes
Fury froths
Growling forth from each sip, each gulp
May each brew be a worthy working
Each bottle a sacred vessel
Each glass a welcome offering

Alliterative Poem to Odin

Wind and wound
Scream and spell
Health and harm
Scar and sense
Wrath and release
Power and purpose
Grey and gold
Eye and iron
Hanged and hale

Making Midgard

When the Sons of Borr took up the spear
No ravens flew or wolves roamed
Nifelheim was far too cold
Muspelheim far too hot
They dreamed of more than ice and mist, fire and smoke
A World teaming with life, with warmth and with cold
A World full of flowing waters and rain
A World between the the Worlds
So when They slew Ymir
The Sons of Borr took up the best of all Worlds to make Midgard
Fire from Muspelheim gifted by Surtr
Ice from Nifelheim taken from Ymir
Fertility from Vanaheim gifted by Freya, Freyr, and Njordr
Wildness from Jotunheim made by the Jotnar
Riches from Svartalfheim dug deep by the Dvergar
Liminality from Alfaheim made by the Alfar
Death from Helheim overseen by Hela
Potential from the Ginnungagap woven by the Nornir
Within the Middle Yard each World was woven to the others
Crafted with care by the Sons of Borr

Some Shrine Images

I clean and redo my shrines several times a year and almost always on Dec 30 and 31. Here are a few shrine pics from three of my non-Norse shrines. I’ll post a couple of my most well loved Norse shrines (Odin, Sigyn and Loki, Mani) probably tomorrow. I can’t get a good shot with how they’re positioned now. I want the daylight. 

Hermes dec 31 2017

Hermes, right by my door, with a small section given to Cardea, Whom I’ll be honoring this new year’s eve. (yes, there’s a huge Loki and Sif image there, but mostly because that’s the closest i can get to Loki’s shrine. I actually did div to figure out if it was ok to hang there).

Apollo et al dec 31 2017

Apollo, Asklepios, and Hygeia — it’s much larger than what you can see here, but I couldn’t get back far enough to get a full shot of it. 

angel shrine dec 31 2017

Finally, my shrine to the Archangels. (I began my work as a ceremonalist thirty years ago and have maintained the devotional relationships. I totally moved this shrine tonight and it is now also by the door, right across from Hermes). 

New Prayer Card: Vesta by G. Palmer

This will be available in my shop in just a few minutes.

vesta painting2x4

Submission to Odin’s Agon

This is a new translation of the ‘Havamal,’ that takes into account the varying metrical structure in the original.  Because it is so long, and because WordPress won’t allow me to maintain the spacing, i’ve uploaded it here as a PDF. It is by C.L.T.



Submission to Hathor’s Agon

Hathor’s Night

On the darkest eve of the year
when Nut’s black skin shimmers radiant
the people trembled in the cold—
what would emerge in darkness’ womb?

It was not radiant Re in His barque,
nor shining Set with His russet spear;
it was not Neith of the weaving ways,
nor even Isis Greatest-in-Magic.

She came forther, Hathor of Golden Horns,
tiaraed in turquoise, lapis lazuli Lady,
standing like a pillar of earth and heavens
upon a ford in a river of milky white.

“Between sun and moon, smiles and blood,
between life and death, breath and silence,
between day and night, flower and sleep,
between winter and spring, chill and grain—
only I may hold the balance.
Which of my hands on outstretched arms raised will you take?”

(by P.S.V.L.)