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Useful and Interesting things to do While Sheltering-in-Place

Here are just a few random and interesting things that I’ve been busying myself with while we’re on lock-down in NY. I thought some of you might find these interesting or have neat things to add. I’m still doing course work –we have weekly meetings on Zoom and I think Fordham was absolutely brilliant in moving all courses online two weeks before NY mandated school closures. I miss seeing my academic friends face-to-face but working from home is kind of cool. Still, because I don’t have a four hour commute each day, I do have a bit more time on my hands than usual (I’m up to my eyeballs in a translation project but I have to do that in small doses or I get sloppy). So here aremy extracurriculars:

1. Thanks to J. Lawrence, I found this course online. It’s run by YIVO Institute for Jewish Studies and is all about “Folksong, Demons, and the Evil Eye in Ashkenazi Culture.” It’s free through August. I thought it would be a nice complement to my Jewish Studies fellowship and also, I’m interested in all sorts of things having to do with the evil eye.

2. Here’s a whole list of free art classes online. I haven’t signed up for any of them yet, but I fully intend to do so as soon as I have a moment.

3. The Metropolitan Opera is doing nightly streaming videos and they’re just awesome. You can access them here. I missed “Barber of Seville” tonight, but last night my entire household got to enjoy Poulenc’s “Dialogues des Carmelites” — which is based on an actual martydom of 16 nuns during the French Terror. The ending has to be experienced to be believed. Words don’t suffice. Anyway, they are offering a different opera each night.

4. The Royal Danish Ballet has the full performance of Bournonville’s “Napoli” online here. Usually only the third act is performed in the States. It’s an absolutely charming ballet (though I confess, I wish the current ballet master had left it set in the 19th century). I think the Bolshoi is also streaming ballets live. You can learn more about that here.

5. We’ve been watching some of the movies that would normally be in theatres. I’m really delighted that movie companies have allowed several to be offered on amazon for rent on day of release. So far, we’ve watched the new EMMA (not my favorite adaptation, BUT it is gorgeous and totally worth watching. The acting is delightful; I think it has the best casting for Emma’s father I’ve seen so far, and the sets, the gorgeous houses – omg, i would watch it for that alone), The Hunt (totally one of my favorite movies. it has hands down the best female character ever. “Snowball” is badass and I wish every female character were written with half her competence), and over the weekend, “Call of the Wild.” This last one was a book I absolutely loved as a very small child. I don’t think I’d read it since I was 9 or 10. The adaptation relies heavily on CGI but i loved it. It was one of those movies that I almost turned around and watched immediately all over again when it was done. I need to reread the book! Of course, watching the new “Emma” made us start a Jane Austen marathon…

6. Royal School of Needlework offers online courses here. I”m slowly working my way through one, as well as a passel of other embroidery and quilting projects. Eventually they’ll all get done.

7. I’ve been cooking up a storm and while I don’t need online classes, some of you might find these interesting. Apparently, restless chefs are offering free lessons. Check it out here.

8. This is a good time to learn a language too. I’m working to get my German back up to par, and also on my ancient Greek so my language platter is full, but for those of you wanting to get started in a language, check out this list of resources and free courses.

9. Here is a list of virtual museum tours.

10.  Finally, I’m catching up on my reading, even participating in a couple of challenges on various groups in goodreads. I always have a “to read” list.
Obviously, I don’t do well with “free time.” lol. I’ve been hearing though about how much some of my more extroverted readers are struggling with the shelter-in-place and lockdowns. Perhaps some of these suggestions will help. 🙂

Parisian Catacombs

Take a virtual tour of the Parisian catacombs here. This is cool. I’ve been delighted with the number of virtual museum tours, live streaming of operas and ballets, and neat things like this that are available during the pandemic. I’ve wanted to see this particular ossuary for years. 🙂 So for those interested, check it out. 

Two Healing Prayers

A Litany for Healing (Heathen)

That our health care practitioners may remain healthy,
We pray to You, Eir, best of Surgeons.

That the families of those suffering be given the strength to endure,
We pray to You, Thor, Protector of Mankind.

That those afraid or grieving may be comforted,
We pray to You, Sigyn, Lady of Enduring Grace.

That those most at risk be granted vitality and kept from harm’s way,
We pray to Idunna, Who bears the sacred apples of restoration.

That those suffering financially due to this crisis be sustained,
We pray to Andvari, Who governs the flow of resources.

That we may remain kind to each other despite our fear,
We pray to Nanna, Goddess of compassion.

That each household may have what it needs,
We pray to Frigga, Sustainer of Asgard.

That those confined to their homes find ways to flourish,
We pray to Freya, Goddess of abundance and power.

That we be shown mercy,
We pray to Jorð, Goddess of the good, green earth.

Bless and protect us, Holy Ones,
and keep Your people from harm,
inasmuch as wyrd allows.
To You, Great Gods, we pray.


A Litany for Healing (cultus deorum)

That this plague may be driven back,
we pray to Apollo, Who brings protection and healing.

That our healthcare workers may be sustained,
We pray to Asklepius, best of Physicians.

That those most at risk, remain safe and healthy,
We pray to Hygeia, Goddess of Health and Healing.

That those of us sheltering-in-place remain healthy and resilient,
We pray to Panacea, Goddess of preventive medicine.
That those grieving or afraid may be comforted,
We pray to Dionysos, Who brings relief.

That households may have what they need during this crisis,
We pray to the Goddess Salus, Whose hands bring salvation.

That we be shown mercy,
We pray to Ceres, Goddess of the land.

Look with favor upon us, Oh Gods,
Bless and protect us and preserve us from trouble,
this we pray, ever in Your service.

Checking In

Hey folks, 

These are tough and strange times in which we live. You’ve all been in my thoughts and prayers (i know it’s not in fashion to consider prayer valuable, but it is a very potent spiritual tool) since this all began, both because of the sickness and because of the economic realities attending it. 

My household — Gods willing – is so far, healthy. We already self-isolate so having to stay indoors and avoid face-to-face social interaction has not been a hardship. I’ve had a great deal of anxiety over my health, the health of friends and loved ones but I am managing that as best I can. My university was really amazing in how they dealt with this all: we had the system organized for online classes two weeks before things got really bad. I’m grateful for that. I also tend to keep a fully stocked pantry so we’ve been good (plus, my husband works from home already). As someone with a compromised immune system, I am deeply grateful for all those who wisely decided to stay in and socially distance even though they themselves are young and healthy. 

I know that none of this is the case for everyone reading this. I also realize that the social distancing is especially difficult for those extroverts out there. Please reach out. Let us know if you need anything – seriously; and I urge you all to keep each other in your prayers.  

One resource that I recently found has been helpful when it came to grocery shopping so I want to pass that on. Now, I’m not sure how far nationally this goes, but i’ve been using and they have been excellent. I recommend them. 

I have read that cardboard can hold the virus for 72 hours so wipe down whatever comes into your house, maybe open packages outside and definitely wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. 

Be kind. I’ve read horrible reports of retail workers having to go sit in their car and cry because of how horrible people have been to them. These people and your medical personnel, your postal carriers, UPS, etc. are putting themselves out there and in danger to provide what we need. Be kind to them. They’re scared too. If you are working in the medical field, may. Apollo, Asklepius, Eir, and Hygeia watch over you and keep you safe. 

For those who have relatives abroad or in nursing homes – I am so sorry that you cannot be with your loved ones right now. I can only say that I hope this resolves as quickly as possible. 

It can be hard to be stuck at home when you’re more used to being out and doing, especially being out and doing in the midst of a crisis but if you’re one of those people, know that praying is doing something spiritually beneficial, and staying home is keeping people safe. There will be time to be out and helping in a hands-on fashion when the worst of the threat passes. In the meantime, I’ve tried to find local businesses in my area to support and also foodbanks. It is frustrating for all of us. 

Know that you are not alone. We can be there for each other and our Gods and ancestors are there for us always. You are ver much not alone. 

Finally, here is a bread recipe that I found recently floating around my facebook. I was vastly dubious but tried it today and it’s actually quite good.  It’s a Beer Bread, a good option when you need bread but have no yeast. It’s very, very easy to make too. For those worried about the alcohol content, that will burn off during the baking. It doesn’t rise very much but it has a nice, nutty flavor. Here you go: 

Beer Bread

Ingredients: 3 c flour, 3 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 c sugar, 1 can beer, 1/2 c melted butter.

  • Preheat oven to 375 F.
  • Mix dry ingredients.
  • Add beer. Now the original recipe doesn’t say anything else at this point, other than to put it in a greased pan, but you need to knead it a bit and to shape it into a little loaf.
  • put in a greased loaf pan
  • pour butter over bread.
  • bake one hour.

Enjoy, and if you’re participating in the novena to our healing Deities or a particular healing Deity, feel free to post insights, prayers, updates on how that’s going etc. 



52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Quick and Dirty Catching up! (Week 11 [luck] and Week 12 [popular] and Week 13 [Nearly Forgotten])

I’ve been swamped with school work the past couple of weeks, especially as our university transitioned all our courses to online, stay-at-home learning. They were prepared and the transition went smoothly, even for a luddite like me, but it was still a lot to handle in addition, of course, to preparing for the whole shelter-in-place for the next couple of weeks. It’s only now that I have a chance to sit down and catch up. So without further ado, let’s get started. These may be a bit short and to the point, but that’s better than nothing!

Week 11: Luck

I don’t actually associate luck with my family. I know we have it, we’re survivors but when I think of luck, I think of great success or fame or fortune and that’s not my family. They were, depending on which line one explores, lower landed gentry, peasant farmers, craftsmen, or clergy. We’re still here though so I guess that counts for something!

Actually, if I had to say who was lucky in my family, I’d say myself. Even through the most grueling moments in my life, the darkest and roughest, there’s been a glimmer, a lifeline. The Gods provide. I’m grateful for that and maybe I need to recognize it a bit more often. I’m lucky.

Week 12: Popular

Well, they’re not my blood ancestors obviously, but they are a family of spirits that I honor with deep love and affection so what the hell. For popularity, you can’t get more popular than the family of spirits I term my ‘masked ones’: the castrati and also the various ballet dancers that I honor (the latter because I was a ballet dancer, that is my professional lineage, and these were the men and women who inspired me when I worked in that field). Men like Carestini, Cafarelli, Senesino, Atto Melani and women like Marie Salle, Olga Spessivtseva, Marie Taglioni, et al. Now I do have one opera singer in my line (my maternal great grandmother) and one pianist (my adopted mom) but none strove for a career like these luminaries. I’m grateful for what I know of their struggles and trials and it is their popularity and success that has carried those stories down to us now.

Week 13: Nearly Forgotten

I’ll tell the story of the death of my third great grandfather William Seymour Baldwin (1823-1864). He lived in Hardy County, West Virginia and died there too on October 16. I received the story from a distant cousin, who himself is an avid and skilled genealogist. It was taken from a family bible belonging to the Pratt family, from a record written by S.Y. Simmons, Esq. in 1896. If it hadn’t been for my distant cousin being willing to share this information, or for S.E. sharing it with him, this story would have been lost to my family. Here we go:

“”Issac Pratt was killed on Walker’s Ridge while in pursuit of his horse, by some roughs who had formed themselves into a company in the late war. He was unarmed and they took him prisoner.” S.Y. Simmons says “Seymour Baldwin was with him and was killed also. I sent for them and had them brought home and buried in Snodgrass Cemetery.” According to older Pratt family members living in WV a man by the name of Klein was believed to be responsible for these deaths.”

According to a story told in West Virginia –When a man by the name of Klein and his family moved into the area many, many years later, the Pratts living nearby made his life so miserable that he and his family moved in three days. The older Pratt members living in that area still have no use for the Kleins. Received from S.E., Moorefield, WV.”

So, my three times great grandfather was killed by a band of roving thugs while helping his friend retrieve a stolen horse. No good deed goes unpunished, apparently.

There’s a lot left unsaid in the description. Was Seymour armed (one would hope that when going to retrieve stolen property, one would take a rifle at the very least)? How were they killed (beaten? Shot? Stabbed?)? Was Seymour ex-military? If you’ll note, the Civil War had just ended when all this happened. It wasn’t uncommon for (often run-away) southern soldiers to form small criminal bands. We can tell from the story that Seymour wasn’t part of such a band but did he himself have military service? Had he just returned from war? So much left to research!

Maybe one day I’ll get to visit his grave.

For Loki

Coming Soon…


Suggestion of a Healing Novena

One of my readers contacted me a couple of days ago suggesting that a bunch of us commit to doing a seven day “novena” for Apollo, praying for protection and health in the face of Covid 19. I think this is an excellent idea (and we’re calling it a novena, even though it’s only seven days, seven being a number sacred to Apollo). Here is the email I received:

“During my nightly prayers, an idea came to me. What if a bunch of us polytheists started a sort of Novena to Apollo to combat this virus? Well, maybe Novena isn’t the right word but I was thinking light a candle and using the prayers from your ‘Hymns and Prayers of a Polytheist Household.’ 

Thought I’d pass the idea on to you and maybe your household and others would like the idea.

Obviously, we’d keep doing the common-sense stuff, no hoarding TP, wash hands, etc. What do you think?

I think it’s an excellent idea. As JR notes, it doesn’t take the place of common-sense measures like hand washing and social distancing – our Gods created medicine and gave us common sense after all!—but it is a spiritual measure that we can take in tandem with these things. Since JR suggested the prayers from my book ‘Hymns and Prayers of a Polytheist Household,’ I’m including the Apollo prayers here.

I plan to begin this cycle tonight and I invite any of you, my readers, who are interested to join me. Thank you, JR, for a wonderful suggestion!


(image by Lynn Perkins)

Seven Day Cycle for Apollo

Day 1 – for Apollo, Whose Arrows Never Miss Their Mark

It is to You Whom I turn when the night is darkest.
It is to You, Whom I cry when I am beset and surrounded,
by enemies as thick in number as an unkindness of ravens.
When I call, Oh my Lord, Your arrows gleam so viciously bright in the shadows.
I know I have nothing to fear.
You, Far-Shooter stalk those Who would harm the Gods’ servants,
Your arrows rattling in their quiver, their rhythm making the Moon smile.
You protect what is Your own. You keep pure Your sanctuaries.
You dance across the field of battle before the opponent
even realizes their last dawn has come, splendid in Your wardance.
You, Mighty One, avert all evil, all miasma, all pollution, all harm.
The glorious swan cries a paean to herald Your coming.
Great shooter from afar, Your arrows always find Their mark.
You restore, Lord of the ash, Lord of the bow, Lord of restoration.
May You always be praised. May I always praise You,
and know my place before You in service.


For Apollo – Day 2: Who Protects His People from Evil

You are terrible in Your wrath, Son of Leto,
when You stride into battle, gleaming arrows
rattling in their golden quiver.
Rage is too small a word, for the fury
that radiates from You,
more fiery than the sun,
deadlier than any blade.
You protect Your people,
raining plague upon those
who trample upon Your servants.
You strike down the impious,
and stop the evil-doer in his wake.
With Your raging war-cry,
You shatter pollution,
scattering to the winds,
all who would oppose You.
When You let fly Your arrows,
Your aim is ever true
and You destroy them.
None may escape You.
Howling Ares in His battle frenzy
may indeed match Your war-dance,
but You are cold precision, ice to His fire.
You never miss Your mark and when You take
the field of battle, Your heart is empty of mercy.
Agrios, best of hunters,
let Your fury fall upon all
that would seek to challenge divine order.
Set loose Your ravens, turn lose Your wolves,
that they may rend and tear Your enemies,
until You stand unopposed and triumphant.
Be our shield against evil, Bright Son of Zeus.
Hail to You, Apollo.
We will reverence You always,
not out of fear – for we will be ever pious—
but in love, and awe at the terrifying beauty
of Your majesty.
Hear our prayer, we pray.


Day 3 – for Apollo: Who makes Whole that which has been Broken

Hallowed One and hallowing,
You make whole that which is broken.
Your gentle hands bring healing,
tenderly encouraging growth and restoration.
Medicus, by Your grace and generative power,
You gifted Asklepius to the world,
and from His children, Mighty Sons and Daughters,
struck a blow against miasma and hurt.
Your temples are sanctuaries and so powerful Your blessings
that even the Christians hailed You, calling You angelic,
and best defender of the heavens.*
On this, they were not entirely wrong.
Yours is a purifying healing force against which
no possible pollution, illness, or malefic spirit may stand.
Your face is glory. Your touch a beautiful solace.
Your very presence is undiluted joy, ecstasy of mind, heart
and most of all, spirit. You move our tongues to praise,
our hearts to reverence, our bodies to celebration.
Enfold us, oh God, sweet and noble Lord, in Your light.
Restore us, Brightest Lord, we pray.
Renew us in all ways, that we may praise You more fully,
and every day with greater joy.
Preserve us, Holy Lord, from all the dank, impious places
we must walk in this world.
Fill us with Your light until no pollution remains
nor the possibility for it to fester and grow.
With this prayer, let us be aligned with our Gods,
with You, mighty Healer, as our advocate.
Hail to You, Apollo, may the warmth of Your blessings flow.


Day 4 – For Apollo, Who Bestows Prophetic Power

Frenzied speech You give, the oracle-woman bowed back
with the force of Your Presence in her head,
with the force of Your words erupting like a volcano
from her heart and mind, dancing and blazing on her tongue,
every synapse burning bright, as though she had fallen into the sun.

Frenzied speech and prophetic power You bestow, Great Lord,
weaving like a serpent through the brain, opening doorways
through which Gods and spirits might howl triumphant.
This is a high art, and You train Your women to wield it
swift and sure, mercilessly and sometimes cruelly,
like a surgeon’s blade, deployed keenly and without hesitation.

It is this Power, like the blistering force of a thousand suns,
that shines the wisdom of the Gods into mortal lives.
Those who heed it uphold the will of Zeus,
the immortal hierarchy of the heavens, the glory of the cosmos.
Those who ignore these whispering women glory-sent,
wreak their own destruction and order is again preserved.

It is the pristine ratio dancing, ever turning, ever re-harmonizing in Your hands.
You maintain the radiance of its song, the cosmic majesty of its dancing sequences
through which worlds are born, pass away, and are born again.
Preserver, Savior, Eternal God, Your songs soar in the hearts of those who love You,
and through the cosmos too, restoring order to all things touched by the sourness
of spiritual decay.

May we too join in this dance. May our hearts be patterned for Your song
that like wood in the blazing fire, we may be transformed, into light and heat
and conduits of Your goodness to our sad and broken world, every day of our lives.
Hail to You, Apollo.


Day 5 – for Apollo, Whose Love is Fierce

Your love is a terrifying thing to bear,
Sweet and searing, You penetrate to the core.
It is like walking off a precipice,
and whether we fly or fall is all the same
when the ending is You
and the conflagration of Your affections.
Oh Sweet God, burn away all that keeps us from taking that leap.
Let us not be like Kassandra, inconstant, aching,
so hungry for You and yet so afraid. She was a slave to Her fear.
Let our fear never win. Let it instead be the spice
that flavors the feast of the senses You proffer.
Free us from the chains of our terror.
Let us rise proudly into Your embrace
counting as small the consequences of such devotion.
There are always consequences to devotion.
Let us pay the requisite price gladly;
and then let us throw ourselves madly
into the heat of Your Presence.
Hail to You, Apollo, most-longed for God.
Hail to You, and all Your hungers
that fuel the fires of our veneration.


Day 6 – Apollo, Who Ever Purifies

Holy Lord, cause my skin to crawl
away from every evil thing.

Bright Apollo, far shooting God
of healers and prophets,
I offer this prayer to You today.

Holy Lord, cause my skin to crawl
away from every evil thing.

Most Holy Apollo,
Klarios, Oulios, Alexikakus,
Who averts all harm,
protect me, oh my God.

Holy Lord, cause my skin to crawl
away from every evil thing.

In Your Presence, oh my God,
nothing impure may stand.
In Your Presence, oh my God,
nothing impious may find purchase.

Holy Lord, cause my skin to crawl
away from every evil thing.

Shining Horios,
keep my boundaries strong,
that no pollution may affect my mind,
my heart, my soul, my work.
Boedromios, preserve me,
as I wade into this filth.

Holy Lord, cause my skin to crawl
away from every evil thing.

I lay my petition before You, Shining God,
that I may stand in the light of Your protection.
To You, Lord Apollo,
I pray.


Day 7 – For Apollo, Glory of Olympus

You, Kyrios, are the glory of the Sun,
washing the world clean with Your light
every moment Your horses thunder across its heavens.
Your very presence restores, as light drives out darkness.
Your very song reorders, as its resonance shatters stagnation.
In Your hands lies the balance, the ratio of all the spheres,
A scaffolding of perfection, a purity of sound,
Divine harmony resolving into beauty, through Your music,
You keep those holy chords whole and add to their substance,
filling the world with Your whispered descant,
the potential for regeneration. So, it is with You, oh Medicus.
Your hands bring healing and restoration to us too,
Restoring the harmonies of our flesh, our bones, our rattled synapses.
You hear our most desperate cries, driven by pain and fear, lost in illness,
You hear and the moment Your attention is caught, pain begins its retreat.
The sound of Your attention, the gentle and firm touch of Your power,
Begins again, a dance in which illness has no place save its flight,
Alexikakos, from Your power.
You are the glory of Olympos,
And Your blessings fill the world with beauty.
Hail to You, Apollo Medicus, Father of Healers,
Whose charmed arrows never fail to hit their mark.


(All prayers here written by Galina Krasskova, published in “Hymns and Prayers of a Polytheist household” copyright 2020). 

Happy Ostara, Everyone.

Happy Ostara (or Eostre), dear readers. I know it is a strange time in which we live (as one of my history professor said recently: keep a diary!) and that most of you won’t be gathering this year in person for religious celebrations. That doesn’t mean that you are barred, however, from celebrating and experiencing the equinox and it doesn’t mean that you are barred from honoring our Gods. In fact, quite the opposite. This is a time to reach out to Them, a time to praise Them, a time to honor the land and the Gods that make it fertile. We just have to get a little creative in conjuring a sense of community as we do so while hunkering down and sheltering in place! Here are some ideas:

  • write and share prayers to the Deities associated with this holy tide (Ostara or Eostre, Mani, Sunna, Hrethe, et Al). If you work with a group, a kindred, a circle or what have you, you can do this communally. One person starts the prayer and sends it to the next and so on, and so forth until it is complete. it becomes a group offering, a shared expression of devotion.
  • share pictures of your shrines and offerings — I have had people email me more times than I can count telling me how inspiring they find the pictures of my personal shrines. I don’t share them often, but maybe I should. Let us see what you’re doing. 🙂 We are a very visual culture, after all.
  • Make art celebrating the Gods and this holy tide. Share that online too.
  • Reach out by phone (i hate the phone. Do not reach out to me by phone. I’m doing just fine lol) to one of your friends. Make offerings together, each in your own space connected by the wonders of modern technology.
  • Send a friend a surprise Ostara gift box.

It’s early for me. I’ve just exhausted all my creativity pre-coffee in coming up with those five suggestions so why don’t y’all help me out? What ideas do you, my readers, have for celebrating and maintaining community in this time of crisis? Please feel free to share in the comments.

I’ve read recently of several Pagans (or maybe I should say Playgans) who fled to Christianity when Covid 19 hit and i cried. It disgusts me how little some people care about their traditions and their Gods (and I wonder what those apostates will do when they discover bacteria exists. Where will they run then? *sarcasm*). Don’t be like that. This is a time to re-commit and re-invest in our devotions, our Gods, our traditions, and all the spiritual commitments that form the warp and weft of our lives. We can choose how we let this affect us. We can choose devotion and, I firmly believe, we will be the better for it.

So, Ostara: what are you all doing? 🙂



Our world right now is revolving around the developing global-impact story of Covid-19. This is an unprecedented event. In times of stress, it is only natural that we turn to our Gods. Awareness of Their blessings can help us get through the next few weeks, likely to be trying, of quarantine and social distancing–the measures on travel bans, schools and businesses closing or shifting to telecommunications is all about two things: curtailing the spread to protect the most vulnerable in our community, and to slow the spread so we don’t overwhelm our medical services.

To bring a bit of light in a time of anxiety for so many, I thought to give away some prayer card sets for the healing deities, and thought the requirements of the giveaway would be to actually create prayers, artwork, or music to the healing deities from our various polytheistic traditions. It seemed fitting, and a lovely reminder that outbreaks may come and go, but our Gods endure.

With such a rich abundance of polytheistic traditions, we have so many deities traditionally associated with healing. Here’s just a few to inspire you: Alatevia, Apollo, Asklepios, The Aśvins, Aurboda, Bjord, Bleik, Blith, Brigid, Eeyeekalduk, Eir, Endovelicus, Frith, Hlif, Hlifthrasa, Hygeia, Isis, Ixtlilton, Mengloth, Odin, Osanyin, Salus, Sekhmet, Sirona, Sukunabhikona-no-Kami, Sunna, Thjodvara, Wong Tai Sin, Żywie, and so many more!



How to Enter:

draft a prayer, create a visual artwork, or compose a song to a healing deity from a polytheistic tradition

  • post your entry below in the comments, or if you want to share it at your blog or preferred social media account just do so publicly on your chosen platform and place the link in the comments below.

Deadline: Enter by March 31, 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time.



Winners Receive 1 of the following Card Sets

  • Norse Healing Deities Prayer Card Set 
    • Featuring: Aurboda, Bjord, Bleik, Blith, Eir, Frith, Hlif, Hlifthrasa, Mengloth, and Thojdvara. 
  • Roman Healing Deities Prayer Card Set
    • Featuring: Asclepius, Hygeia, Salus, and Panacea
  • Healing Deities of the Sun Prayer Card Set
    • Featuring: Apollo, Sunna


*I have variants for some of the deities in these card sets. So some deity images may differ than what is shown here in the final prize set.

Winner Selection:
Winners will be randomly selected from all valid entries. There will be at least 3 winners, but the more entries, the more winners, up to a final tally of 9 total winners.

Winners will be announced on the blog ( by no later than April 6, 2020.  Winners will have until April 22, 2020 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time to contact me from that announcement with their legal name and shipping address to claim their prize. Failure to do so, will result in a forfeited prize. 


Open to worldwide participation. Please keep in mind that as borders close in response to Covid-19, delivery of items might be held up with any impacts upon domestic and international shipping systems.

I encourage those of you who plan to enter, to please use the hashtag #HealingGods.
Let’s fill the internet with our many Gods.