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Close up of my Hermes shrine

My friend Carlton was visiting recently (we go to school together) and, not being a polytheist, he was fascinated by my various shrines. Since he’s teaching a theology class this semester, he asked if he could take photos to use in his class (and i’m ok with that). This is the photo he took of my Hermes shrine. I love the angle of the close up, and the drama of the black and white,  so I got his ok to share it here. 

Hermes shrine aug. 31 Carlton

(Photo by C. Chase. Used with permission).

New Prayer Card: Salus by Grace Palmer

Here is the newest prayer card, which will be available on my etsy store next week. This completes the Roman medical triad of Asklepios, Hygeia, and Salus. These Deities were extremely popular and had extensive cultus amongst both the medical corps of the Roman military and the common people too. (There are other healing deities that received cultus in ancient Rome, but these three were the most popular amongst the military). 

Here is the Salus card by G. Palmer (I think it’s one of my favorites!). 

salus painting 2x4

Once this card is back from the printer, I will be offering the three (Asklepios, Hygeia, and Salus) as a set, in addition to individually. The cards normally cost $4/each but I’ll be offering this set for $9 plus .50 cents shipping and handling. If you are interested in purchasing this in advance, please contact me at krasskova at Otherwise it will be available on etsy next week. 



For My Patreon Supporters…and other updates

I managed to finish the first chapter of my Vanic novena book. This small pocket sized chapbook will consist of thirteen sections, each one offering a novena to a different member of the Vanir. I’ve uploaded that first chapter at my patreon blog and if you are a sponsor of my work, you can get a sneak peak of the entire thing. Enjoy, folks. 

For those who want to learn more about becoming a patron, check out my patreon page here

For readers of my main blog here, (y’all are awesome 🙂 ) this devotional will hopefully be available in November. I’m also working on a novena book to Freya but that has been pushed back a bit. Never fear though, it will get done. Slowly but surely, it will get done. 

In the meantime, scroll down and check out some of the beautiful submissions to the Hoenir Agon. I really appreciate folks taking the time to create these lovely prayers and poems for Him and for joining the agon. There’s still a week to go (more or less — i can’t believe August is almost over! School starts for me next week. Where did summer go?). 

A little head’s up to my hellenic and bacchic oriented readers: September’s agon will be dedicated to Persephone. 🙂 

Finally, Walking the Worlds is accepting submissions for its Winter 2017 issue. The topic is ‘text and tradition’ and the deadline is Dec. 1. Please see here for more information on submission guidelines. 

*whew* now I really do think that’s all…until tomorrow, folks. 


Submission to the Hoenir Agon

For Hoenir
by Sarenth Odinsson

You Who gave us oðr
Swift-legged, Long-legged
Mud King, Marsh King
You Who gave us Will
Hail to You!

Whose friend and aide is Mimir
Who is confidante and conspirator to Odin
Who brings action in Vé’s wake
Hail to You!

Whose mouth is full to bursting
Whose hands held Ymir down
Who helped Odin and Vé craft many Worlds
Hail to You!

Whose silence is full of wisdom
Whose countenance is fearsome
Whose counsel is prudent
Hail to You!

Who knows the many ways forward
Who even the Gods seek in counsel
Whose divination sees the Worlds set aright
Hail to You, Hoenir!

Masks of Dionysos out now

Sannion’s latest book is out and it’s brilliant. It discusses working with the heroes and heroines of the Bacchic Tradition. Check it out.

Submission to the Hoenir Agon

For Hoenir
by C. Greene

Hoenir, King of the lands of plenty,
what wisdom have You found amongst the marsh birds and the eels?
God Who granted will to Ask and Embla,
terrible will born of a slayer of Ymir,
Haunter of the lands most filled with Ymir’s blood,
what do You seek there?
Are the bog lamps the lingering flicker of Ymir’s synapses,
does wyrd stretch out its threads before You in the fog,
or are the cleansing places of the world whispering their secrets?
With whom would You share Your heron-wit?
Will the descendants of the driftwood born be worthy of such a gift,
or will we burn brightly and fade like the will o wisps of Your holy places?
Silence in the bulrushes may greet the querent, but that may be an answer in itself. May we be worthy Hoenir, may we learn from Your primal acts, and in Your silence may you not be forgotten.

Submission to the Hoenir Agon

To Hoenir the Long-Lived
by P.S.V.L.

It was sense and wit You gave
when Óðinn and Loðurr made humans—
the High One and Vé, Whom men call Loki,
came together in You, Víli, to form minds.

It was sense and wit You showed
when in Vanaheim’s hostage-ship with Mimir
and You kept holy silence therein—
only the best advice fell on Your ears.

It was sense and wit You had
When Óðinn was in exile and with Vé
You stood in His stead over the Æsir—
it brought you to bed with Frigg.

And, it will be sense and wit that are needed
when You stand after Ragnarök
casting blood-wands for Viðarr and Vali,
Magni and Móði, and Baldr—wise Hoenir, hail!

Hoenir Agon Update

There is still one more week for the Hoenir Agon. If any of you were considering submitting something, now is the time to do so. 🙂 There are prizes for the winner (chosen by div.) and everyone receives a prayer card. 

If you have artwork, prayers, or poetry for Him, and would like to participate in the agon, send your submissions to me at krasskova at The Agon remains open until 9pm EST August 31. 

Last call….

Last call for divination this week. I’m going to be hitting the mat in about an hour today, and then will do another session on friday. If anyone is interested, my rates are here

for those who have reached out to me, expect an email with the div results later tonight. 

Working on a novena book for the Vanir

My current project, which I’m hoping to have finished by Nov. 1, is a novena book for the Vanir. I’ve decided to post chapters as they’re finished, for my patrons over at my Patreon account. So if you are curious to see the work in progress, to see the book as it’s being written, head on over to this site, and consider becoming a sponsor. 🙂 

EDIT: the first installment has just been posted.


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