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Happy Equinox!


How Japan dealt with the Christian Threat

A beautiful post about combatting monotheism. This is what happened in Japan when Christian missionaries tried to destroy their culture and religions. It’s a very good read.


We have touched on the topic before ( & advise people to read that piece first before reading this one. We hope to briefly cover the actual measures that the Tokugawa Shogunate employed to suppress Christianity. The Japanese employed a range of measures for this because they correctly saw Christianity as a very serious threat intent on destroying their civilization. The following list covers each method only briefly and those interested may look up more information in the relevant books.

The below are the various methods that were utilized by the Japanese government to wipe out Christianity from Japan before the Christians could destroy Japan. Naturally some of this may seem cruel & Christian propagandists have tried their best to exaggerate their suffering & paint themselves as victims. But it must be remembered that the Christians were the aggressors who used forcible conversion (when a daimyo converted he imposed Christianity…

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Book Review from WTW

In the last issue of WTW, we debuted a section on book reviews. I included one on Jennifer Snook’s new book on contemporary Heathenry that I would like to share with you all here now. Interested readers may download the review here

We are currently accepting articles and book reviews for the next issue of WTW. The nominal subject is prayer, but we’re taking pieces on other topics too. If you’re interested in submitting something, please contact me at krasskova at Deadline for this issue is Dec. 1.