To the ARM supporters, and ARM

It’s not only our religions that have to fight for the right to sacrifice. the Orisha traditions are also fighting and ignorant animal rights people are using racism, fear, and lies to slander these religions. Priest, author, and diviner Ochani Lele speaks eloquently in response.

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Ócháni Lele

Dear Animal Recovery Mission and Supporters

I’ve been asked by others in my spiritual community to weigh in on the claims and charges made by your leaders against two religions: Lucumí (you know it as Santeria) and Palo Mayombe. I’m not qualified to speak on behalf of Palo Mayombe, and because of my relatively short period of time in this religion (14 years as a priest of Obatala and close to 30 years as an adherent) I’m loathe to speak at all. There are much older heads who should be speaking. But, I’m not one to keep my mouth shut against gossip and false witness.

First, my background: I come from a small, rural farming town that serves as the entrance to the Northern Neck of Virginia. I was raised on land that was once a huge farm, but farming ended about the time I was born in the 1960s…

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  1. Considering PETA and other organizations have engaged in outright fabrication of evidence to boost donations and spread falsehoods, I wish I could say that I am surprised.

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  2. songofscotland

    I absolutely loathe animal rights people.


    • ganglerisgrove

      me too. it was the one bone of contention between me and my adopted mom. she felt the good they did outweighed their faults but I feel the exact opposite.

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  3. I’ve always liked the idea of supporting animal rights, being an animal lover. However, most of the animal rights groups I’ve interacted have far different goals than me. I wanted to make sure pets and livestock were treated well and with respect, and they wanted to force everyone to be vegan because ‘meat is murder’. Seeing what these people are up to now, I would rather bite off a finger than have anything to do with them.


  4. FlatlinedGamer

    I’m late to the party, like usual. It’s important to remember that ALL animal rights groups are a bunch of nuts. Animals For Angels, PeTA, ELF, ALF, In Defense of Animals , HSUS, and many others fall under this. This is sadly something I have to fight with often as a homesteader and a breeder. While I don’t sacrifice my animals (I HAVE considered it,it’s not taboo to me) I do raise them for food, which is a big no-no to these groups. They tend to push Veganism hardcore.

    Animal welfare groups are the ‘good guys’. They just want animals to be given the best possible life. Even if they are bound for slaughter. They want animals to be treated with the respect that all living things deserve. They want animals that are free to remain that way. Quality of life for all animals is their end goal. Not the systematic destruction of companion animals.

    It looks like I can add ARM to my list of groups that I need to keep an eye on. They obviously aren’t good people.


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