Hate the War Not the Warriors

One of the dangers of the rhetoric that Rhyd is using is that it makes you forget we’re talking about real people.

War is when groups of people murder each other.

kurdish women

All the narratives of ‘nobility,’ ‘duty’,’service,’ and the pretty archetype of ‘warrior’ are just romantic ways of getting the murderers and their communities to be okay with it all.

And under Capital, those murderers also happen to be workers like the rest of us.

Like us, they’re hired by leaders and the rich to do their bidding.

I’m a social worker. People like to tell me how much they respect my job. I tell them not to: I get paid to get homeless people off the street so they don’t disrupt the lives of better paid workers.

We ‘respect’ the work of soldiers

but a few (including some of my veteran friends) will remind others that they get paid to murder people in other lands so the rich can secure their wealth.

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