Day two of the poetry challenge

I don’t usually participate in online challenges, but a good friend (and poet) tagged me on Facebook and told me about the five day poetry challenge. One posts a poem every day for five days. i kind of like that sort of challenge. 🙂 (the poem doesn’t have to be one’s own–it can be a famous one, but since i write poetry, I thought i’d give it a shot). So last night i’m sitting working and sannion calls me over to watch the video I am sharing here and that (as well as the Wild Hunt, and every predator’s hunt) was the inspiration for this piece.

The Hunt
by Galina Krasskova

A single crimson tongue
unassuming marks its passage
leaving a stain of dye
in its wake.
A single crimson tongue
in obscene whimsy
dancing over ground
already staked
and claimed.
It trembles
celebrating its freedom,
no longer tied
to the domination
of heart and lungs and bowels.
It runs
and it is everything
and through it the ancestors call.
It runs and one does not expect
the howling silence.
It runs and one begins to realize:
The end of all hunts is the same:

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